CASE STUDY: AGILIS SYSTEMS – Account Executive Team adds 4.6 new leads a day!


Agilis Systems, a leader for small and mid-size fleets, tracks thousands of vehicles, assets, and employees each day. Agilis Systems makes complex systems easy to use with the development of innovative, easy-to-use GPS based products to help businesses improve efficiency and save money.

Key elements to the Agilis Systems Fleet Tracking System:

  • Reduce fuel usage
  • Improve driver safety
  • Increase productivity

Delivering immediate returns and benefits to customers, Agilis Systems fleet management solutions cover a wide range of functions: GPS tracking, driver safety monitoring, activity alerts, vehicle maintenance tracking, jobs dispatch and messaging, along with managements dashboards and reporting.

The complexity of serving customers and daily tracking tens of thousands of vehicles, assets, workers and devices, Agilis Systems needed a solution to keep their workflow free from any hazards. More than 25,000 businesses rely on Agilis Systems to monitor and track their fleets. They needed a trusted workflow automation solution.

“Agilis Systems planned to bring in a consultant to help with Salesforce, but with Salesvue the consultant wasn’t needed.”

—Eric Barford, Sales Operation Analyst


Agilis Systems had a two-part dilemma. One part on the sales manager side and the other on the sales rep side.

Sales managers needed a map in real time to guide their sales team of fifteen. They knew patterns existed in the sales cycle and wanted a solution to determine best practices. Two key areas were important to sales managers: results of call cadence and sales reps workflow effectiveness. Unfulfilled with Salesforce, Agilis Systems was ready to allocate funds to bring in a Salesforce consultant.

From the rep standpoint, individual reps were missing appointments and letting leads fall through the cracks. For example, a lead would say, “Call me in two weeks,” yet, the rep wouldn’t call them back. Rep’s efficiency was at stake because too much of their day was spent figuring out their next task.


Salesvue eliminated the need for the Salesforce consultant. Barford noted, “The biggest differentiators were ease of use and intuitiveness. Salesvue integrated seamlessly into our system and automatically on the backend.” The two part dilemma was solved. Sales managers received the necessary reports and closely monitored the success of call cadence. The customizable plans allowed Agilis Systems to do an immediate pivot and make adjustments from call 4 to call 3. “Salesvue took the guesswork out of what occurred on a call and made it much more trackable,” said Barford. Sales managers could see the call outcomes and the tasks completed by the sales reps. The Completed Activities Report gave a snapshot of all plans and all activities revealing a sales rep needed additional coaching. The trend on the report showed this particular sales rep had an unusually high amount of overdue follow ups. Instead of firing the sales rep, the sales manager used the report outcome as an opportunity for additional coaching. After a review training session with the manager, the sales rep was given 3 days to ramp up.


Barford explained, “We are able to figure out where we have had success, what attributed to the success and replicate it.” The analytics from Salesvue showed trends of call outcomes, which helped Agilis Systems identify call 3 was the most important to convert leads. The increase in sales reps follow ups has given Agilis Systems the best month they have seen in two years. Barford explained, “I rely on native task reports to quickly get an overall picture, take a deep dive and look at negative results from notes to seek out trends. 80% of my job is looking at trends.” The Account Executive mentioned earlier—Salesvue was a very valuable tool for saving the Account Executive’s job. After the course correction the Account Executive started hitting internal KPIs and revenue goals.

Agilis Systems also brought Salesvue into two other departments: Customer Success and Customer Service. Barford said, “Without Salesvue it would be a lot more chaotic.”

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