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Pacers Case Study “Bam! Good to go!”

By Salesvue
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March 6, 2018

Salesvue analytics revealed: Elementary Schools are 12x’s more likely to participate in renewing group sales over Youth Basketball.

When the Indiana Pacers have the home court advantage, they are eagerly cheered on by loyal fans wearing gold and navy blue filling up seats at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Sports enthusiasts can settle in comfortably in the Crossroads of America state as Hoosiers emphatically love their sports. Sporting events of many types can be found in Indiana and that is how the Pacers got their name. According to Wikipedia, the Indiana Pacers were named after the Indianapolis 500’s auto racing pace car. The Pacers have been a part of the National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1967.

“Salesvue was readily available to help with our concerns. Another company we worked with only came in one time for a massive day of help on the floor and beyond that it was I’ll see ya when I see ya. Salesvue’s customer service DNA is helpful and at the ready.” —Sasha Williams, Director of Customer Loyalty

Aside from corporate partnerships, session ticket sales are a vital component to the Indiana Pacers $25-$35 million revenue goals. The responsibility of the Season Ticket Experience Managers (STEM) sales team is to create an abundant experience year round, putting together events and benefits the session ticket holders will luxuriate in. The goal is renewing session ticket sales, upgrading and adding seats, with a satisfied fan base.

The Customer Loyalty Department is comprised of six Season Ticket Experience Managers (STEM) and two in sales for Consumer Executives. The Consumer Executives are on fewer accounts but gain larger revenue generating sales from suite holders on a 3, 5 and 7 year term. In 2016, the Pacers opened an oversized party suite with access for 100 people, each ticket holder has a comfortable theater box with in-seat service and optimal game viewing. The STEM team certainly does not have tunnel vision as they are responsible for putting on big events, logistics, activating assets for the client base on top of their day to day relationships. Season ticket holders may attend 42 games a year or 21 games a year. STEM aims to offer best price, best seats, best experience.


Implementation partners placed numerous restrictions and offered no flexibility for the STEM team to the point of a severely unpleasant user experience with Salesforce. The frustration mounted as the Pacers were told by the implementation partner they worked well with Salesforce and had done the same thing for other clients with similar needs. Williams remarked, “It was months and months of pulling our hair out from being told that the system can’t do that and they won’t change it.” The Pacers had other tools for Salesforce they wanted to use that sat collecting dust on a shelf for 3-4 years because the implementation partner didn’t work with the product.


Assurance from Salesvue that while the initial experience with Salesforce was ruined, it can be repaired with Salesvue’s easy console for contacts and customized plans for customer segment groups. Salesvue built a dashboard that helped reps see where they were with their contacts and see where they were tracking with internal groups of Red, Yellow and Green in real time at a glance. Williams explained, “The SVP and CMO no longer feel handcuffed in Salesforce. They have the reporting they need with Salesvue’s Math of Sales™.” What used to be frustration of spreadsheets and unmeasurable information is now categorized for every individual to benefit from the outreach of reps. Williams shared, “The reps morale is boosted and you can see and feel the progress. It is the little wins along the way that keep people chugging along!”

Along with an easy console and customized plans, email templates gained quick communication with each color category. Savvy sales reps had a consistent baseline email to utilize along with the flexibility of customization.


When the renewal number was down on day 7 in the campaign, a rep made changes immediately to get efforts on pace. If a rep had 30% renewed, by logging activity, it revealed if only voicemails had been left and the current status of the campaign. Salesvue allowed the sales team to create a customized customer journey. This journey revealed the type of season ticket commitment and how long each sales rep had been on an account. Staying organized helped STEM categorize the likeliness of renewals grouping each client into Green, Yellow and Red. Williams stated, “Salesvue has been helpful guiding reps to a repeatable cadence for calling clients in each group. Green, Yellow and Red strategies have their own cadence. The reps just plug in and go through the steps.” The color system according to Williams, “Empowers the rep as the data tells them the account is likely to renew.” A Green client is likely to submit payments on time; whereas, Red reveals concern and reps can move them onto certain touch points.

Williams shared enthusiastically, “The second renewal campaign was much more easily executed to refresh and duplicate. Bam! Good to go!”

“There are no long winded reports, Salesvue’s dashboards are awesome for managers to have an understanding of where the rep is and the dashboard generates high level talking points,” said Williams.

Salesvue was a long term tool and a short term fix for the issues the Pacers were having with the implementation partner. Williams exclaimed, “Pacers often say what would we do without Salesvue!”

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