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TurnKey Vacation Rentals

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May 31, 2018

Sales Reps have a 50% productivity increase with Salesvue!

TurnKey Vacation Rentals, backed by a world-class team of investors, raised $41 Million in Series D Financing. In 2017, TurnKey Vacation Rentals was named Austin’s fastest-growing tech company. With 400+ dedicated employees, TurnKey provides outstanding experiences for their vacation rental homeowners and their guests. Founded in 2012 by professionals in the industry: John Banczak and T.J. Clark, took a technology driven approach to property management. They saw a gap where property managers charge too much and deliver too little. Currently, TurnKey has 3,500 homes under management in 60 U.S. markets!

“When you can have a sales productivity that looks like Salesforce and lives in Salesforce, it’s a no-brainer!”
TurnKey Vacation Rentals, Senior Manager of Sales Development, Joe Mathews

Joe Mathews, Senior Manager of Sales Development, leads a team of 14 inside sales reps (12 SDRs and 2 sales consultants). His team qualifies inbound and outbound leads for prospective homeowners, pitches the TurnKey program, and gains insights on their goals to further qualify the lead. The outside sales rep visits the home to onboard the property.


The challenge which necessitated a change for Mathews’ team was a solution only working with leads. It was a lead qualifying tool; however, TurnKey couldn’t utilize it for outside sales (60 general managers/outside sales reps) or in other departments. Mathews explains the solution TurnKey was using as, “very busy, it has it’s own widget – anywhere you looked it was running. You couldn’t get away from it.”

As a manager, Mathews needed to see overdue tasks and the current solution had no reporting capabilities. Mathews had no insight into leads touched in a timely manner, load balance tasks per rep, or if a rep had overdue tasks. Just six months into this solution, Mathews knew his rapidly growing department had outgrown the product and needed a solution for their outside sales reps.

Mathews created a list of his departments needs, some of those being: Opportunity Conversion, Multi-number Calling, Native to Salesforce, Integration with Five9, Integration with Eloqua, Mobile Capability, Reporting, Email Tracking, Mail Merge, Single Disposition of Calls and Auto Routing through a Cadence.


The team was already familiar with how to use Salesforce allowing for ease of use and minimal downtime. Mathews states, “The number one thing for Salesvue is it’s native to Salesforce. When you can have a sales productivity tool that looks like Salesforce and lives in Salesforce, it’s a no-brainer. The entire sales process can run through Salesvue.”

Standardization is paramount for TurnKey. Mathews notes, “The beauty of Salesvue is less ramp-up time for a new sales rep. Salesvue tells you when to call and Salesvue analytics tells you how things are going.”

TurnKey prefers Salesvue because they can experience a seamless sales process for their leads and opportunities from start to finish. Mathews explains, “With Salesvue analytics, I am able to gain insights into how many phone calls it takes to get someone on the phone, how many calls to get an appointment, and how we need to deal with our customers.”

Direct integration with TurnKey’s phone system Five9 and the integration with RingCentral, TurnKey saw benefits immediately with Salesvue. “The Salesvue mobile app will be a fantastic feature for our outside sales reps,” comments Mathews. With 60 outside sales reps, Mathews says, “A sales rep can’t always sit at their computer and update contacts. Salesvue was willing to tweak the product for our needs!” Mathews further notes, “Salesvue is not only a sales productivity but also a great partnership to line up with the way we sell. Working with the Salesvue team is a great experience.”

Salesvue Analytics works with leads, contacts, and accounts enabling Mathews to easily view reports daily, weekly and monthly.


Sales reps at TurnKey Vacation Rentals increased productivity by 50% with Salesvue! Mathews comments, “The full end to end conversion reporting increases productivity on the rep level through click to call capability and being native to Salesforce, the rep is not toggling into a different screen.”

The TurnKey Vacation Rentals sales team loves Salesvue. During a monthly meeting, a Regional Director spun his laptop around and an outside sales rep emailed, “I JUST STARTED USING SALESVUE AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. SALESVUE HAS MADE MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!” (he actually emailed all in caps)

Mathews created a list of 50 things he was looking for in a sales productivity solution. He put together a spreadsheet with a side-by-side comparison. Salesvue had the flexibility he wanted to help with TurnKey’s rapid growth! Mathews explains, “Salesvue saw TurnKey’s growth and wanted to help develop a tool to aid in that growth. The software is fantastic! In my ‘product bake-off,’ Salesvue won.”

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