We look forward to learning more about your business and discussing how we can help increase productivity and efficiency for your teams. In the meantime…. if you haven’t already, take a look at our client’s reviews on the AppExchange to see how we’ve helped other companies improve their sales teams.

Account Managers

“Salesvue has really changed our mindset when it comes to Account Management. We were able to go from managing prospects, to managing an Account thanks to Salesvue. It has really changed the way we view prospects and accounts. The math of sales feature is also allowing us to change our daily routine and tailor our call peak call times based on when prospects are engaging. Great product, excited to continue learning and utilizing all of the features!” ~ Christopher Farkas


“Salesvue has allowed my teams to align their calls with our marketing strategy and messaging more effectively, and be more flexible in shifts in message. Actual opportunities and volume of conversations has increased with the improved processing of data. When installed the math of sales component has been awesome for learning where we can be most successful…” ~ Elizabeth Murawski

Sales Reps

I hadn’t used Salesforce very much before we implemented Salesvue and honestly, I’m glad I didn’t. Today, I groan any time I have to change records through Salesforce instead of during my call cadences in Salesvue. The app makes it a breeze to send my emails, make outbound calls, and manage any workflow with prospects. I adore the fact that I can update account AND customer information in the same place (even while I’m writing an email or making a call). I don’t have to run a report every time I want to check my day’s progress, instead I just go to my Task Summary page and can see my IRT score! Salesvue’s analytics are much more aesthetically pleasing than in Salesforce and my manager never has to guess what I’ve accomplished...” ~¬†Rebecca Garcia

Sales Management

“Salesvue has played a huge rule in the maturity of our sales org. Like many small companies, sales was a bit of the wild west with every rep doing something different. With the help of Salesvue and their team we were able to identify best practices for how our reps should be engaging our customers. From there they helped us take this best practices and turn them into standardized process for our reps to work and management could measure the effectiveness of. We chose Salesvue for its flexibility to continue to test and tweak process as new best practices are discovered…” ~ Alex Chiapetta

Sales Executives

“There are a plethora of sales process automation tools available today. Many are incredibly slick, have great analytics, A/B testing functionality and strong integrations into From my experience, however, these tools fail in 2 critical areas. As head of Sales Operations, sales productivity is top of mind and most sales organizations are constantly looking to consolidate tools/windows their sales reps have to manage. Integration into and natively living inside it are entirely different. Salesvue is the latter, which cuts down on API calls, inefficiency of reps and data integrity issues…” ~ James Gleitman

Saleforce Administrators

“Purchased this solution for our Lead Generation Team and had it configured and users training in a matter of hours. Started managing prospecting campaigns immediately, and have already seen a significant efficiency improvement. Out of the box analytics will allow us to measure and adjust our prospecting/business developments efforts to improve effectiviness. Integration with Salesforce is seemless, and the UI is very intuitive.”~¬†Mike Hipp