Software to supercharge sales.

The Sales Engagement platform that provides your team with everything needed to make their job easier and more effective. Drive pipeline growth, schedule more meetings, and close more deals.

Features to empower your team.

Completely customizable Plans to match the sales cadence of your team.

A single view Console to keep all your tasks and activities in one place.

Analytics to provide rich insight into the health and makeup of your team.


Plans allow you to create simple cadences for your team to follow and execute against. As you uncover the best practices that work for you and your industry, adjust your plans and implement these best practices. You will know with confidence that all your reps are executing against the best possible strategy.

Each step within a task can have a set of defined outcomes. These outcomes are designed and automated to update additional fields or kick off other plans or events. Salesvue Plans are the first step to streamlining and improving your entire team’s workflow.


The Console is a purpose-built interface, which consolidates all of the information your team needs to make Salesforce a better tool for any team member. This interface presents data, being driven by a Salesvue Plan, in one organized dashboard that enables your team members to execute their activities up to six times faster with 100% accuracy. Features of the Console include the following:

  • Task Descriptions – Every activity can have unique content assigned to it. The content can be scripts or hyperlinks to dynamic content.
  • Task List – An organized list of tasks to execute. The list can be sorted and ordered using virtually any field in Salesforce.
  • Task Resolution – Customizable outcomes to accommodate different business needs. Free form notes are a thing of the past.
  • Dialer (optional) – A full functioning automated dialer for clients looking to further optimize their outreach efforts.


Analytics are your key to unlocking the success of your team. We’ve distilled millions of sales interactions into a simple formula to improve and better understand your sales execution that we call Math of Sales. This formula helps you to identify strengths and weaknesses of your reps, the health of your pipelines, and the probability to achieve revenue goals.

In real-time, from a single screen, you see how many activities translate into a sales interaction, how many of those interactions create a conversion, and how many conversions it takes to create an opportunity.

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