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The Sales Engagement platform that provides your team with everything needed to make their job easier and more effective. Drive pipeline growth, schedule more meetings, and close more deals.


Our core software functionality is a workflow platform that can customize and automate a variety of business rules for virtually any process that your teams use to control revenue generating activities.

  • Workflow Automation – Salesforce is a store house of data and it is cumbersome and uneasy to use. Salesvue brings that data to life and will make it useable information, via our process automation engine, to help your teams be more efficient and effective and to help them drive more revenue.
  • Task Automation – Native Salesforce activity execution is manual and requires a number of screen navigations and ad hoc decision making. Salesvue can be configured to automate and streamline the entire process, including all follow ups, to guide team activities to repeatable, successful outcomes.
  • Data Integrity – Salesvue can be configured to make sure all native Salesforce fields that are important to your business are consistently maintained. Dependent fields can have multiple edit checks to validate that they are being updated with the right information to ensure down stream reporting is accurate.
  • 3rd Party Tools – Salesvue can be used to tie a variety of 3rd party tools together into a cohesive system. Within departments or across multiple teams, Salesvue can ensure all transactions are completed and routed consistently and efficiently to improve and accelerate the speed of your sales activities.


We can leverage your company’s marketing automation ROI by showing you how much revenue was generated for the company based on the leads passed to the sales team which will yield greater value across all teams.

  • Lead Routing – Using our rule-based workflow solution, leads generated from any marketing automation solution can be automatically distributed using a broad range of business rules to ensure leads are delivered to the sales teams for timely follow up.
  • Qualification – Specific follow up plans can be developed which provide structure and process enablement to help your teams more efficiently perform their marketing qualification activities. More leads can be qualified and delivered with Salesvue than native SFDC.
  • Inbound Routing – Don’t let the success of your marketing programs overwhelm your inbound teams. With our routing intelligence, we can track and distribute your leads to the right team members for quick and accurate processing and follow up.
  • ROI – Would you like to have real-time access to quantifiable revenue results and related activities to your marketing campaigns? With Salesvue, our software tracks, correlates and reports the results of your marketing programs to provide hard dollar return on investments against closed business.


All sales cycles can be improved by adding execution consistency to yield best-practice sales techniques. And adding cross-team integration and insight helps everyone be more successful and delivers greater revenue clarity.

  • Outbound Prospecting – Cold calling may be dead, but outreach isn’t. Let Salesvue bring structure and process to your outbound efforts. We not only help make that first interaction happen more predictably, we automate and manage all follow on sales activities. Nothing slips through the cracks with Salesvue.
  • Appointment Resolution – Our clients tell us that helping them to manage the dynamic nature of their sales cycle once they’ve qualified a prospect may be the most helpful thing we do for them. Salesvue helps to make sure your teams maintain consistent contact with your clients throughout the entire sales cycle.
  • Opportunity Management – Now that a proposal has been delivered, what could be more important than working that opportunity through closure? We will customize a best-practice cadence for your sales teams to make sure they bring home every deal with no excuses or mistakes.
  • Nurture – At any point in time, some businesses are not ready for your company’s offerings. Let a Salesvue plan automatically keep track of them and then re-deliver them to your sales team in an orderly and persistent fashion.


Create structured workflow rules which will ensure that all important steps of the revenue onboarding process are completed to improve client satisfaction is consistently and efficiently maintained.

  • Clients – If accurate information about your clients is important to you, let Salesvue help your teams manage it accurately and efficiently. Because editing data in Salesforce is a manual process, Salesvue can be configured to make sure all fields are consistently maintained and that all the right processes are followed.
  • Revenue – Salesvue can automatically kick off your critical turn up processes to make sure that once a deal is signed, the appropriate approvals and processes are automatically followed to allow revenue to be on boarded as quickly as possible. We create standardized processes to bridge the sales and delivery hand off.
  • Employees – What HR department hasn’t struggled with effectively delivering an accurate, timely on boarding experience for all new hires. Salesvue can ensure all data forms are captured and all checklists are completed for every new hire as well as providing effective change management routines.
  • Agents – Many of our clients utilize 3rd party business arrangements to conduct their business. Salesvue automation can be established and deployed to quickly, accurately and efficiently on board agents to your business processes.

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