CASE STUDY: PERQ – Salesvue boosts sales conversions by 500%


When companies need more foot traffic or want a larger online following, they turn to PERQ, a marketing technology and promotions company that uses incentives to help businesses attract consumers. More than 1,000 businesses across the United States use PERQ solutions to generate, track and convert web and in-store traffic into sales.

“Sales reps set their own cadence and decided how often they would call, so it was really difficult to understand what was working … We were getting our results after the fact, and it was too late to make changes. Deals were lost.”

—Stephanie Thompson, Client Success Director at PERQ


With aggressive growth goals, the marketing and sales team at PERQ understands the need to make every prospect contact count. However, the company had little insight into which prospecting behaviors and campaigns worked. In addition, PERQ’s prospecting steps were vague and complex. The most complex plan was comprised of 10 steps, each with separate branches of activities, such as emails, calls, training webinars and post-sale calls.


PERQ enlisted the help of Salesvue to automate its sales process and deliver the business intelligence necessary for the company to do more of what works.

The company started using Salesvue with its retention team to accelerate its win-back program, which is focused on re-engaging clients who are not currently active or who have a program ending. Since promotions have a start and end date, it’s important for reps to rebook another sale before the client finishes the current program.

“We have a strong workflow around how to re-engage clients, but we lacked consistency in how it was implemented by sales reps,” said Thompson. “Salesvue was able to emulate our plans and put a structure around the sales process. Now we can see if reps are keeping up and have insight into which steps are working best and which can be eliminated.”


Since using Salesvue, the sales team has increased the number of calls they are able to make by 125 percent. Conversations per rep have increased an average of 330 percent and the number of sales conversions per rep have grown an average of 500 percent.

In addition, Thompson now has insight into what’s working so she can optimize programs. For example, the business intelligence she has gained through Salesvue shows her that while most conversations take place on the first or second call, continuing the calling cadence past the eleventh call can pay off with a 30 percent conversation rate. Now she can show reps why calling past the tenth call can be productive.

Thompson also is able to make better staffng decisions. Before Salesvue she would have to make assumptions about the company’s conversation rate. With a process and metrics, she was surprised to learn that it was lower than she initially thought.

“This kind of insight allows me to staff campaigns based on actual metrics; there is no more guessing,” said Thompson.

Still, the biggest benefit of using Salesvue for Thompson is in automating opportunity creation. “We used to struggle with getting reps to start an opportunity. With Salesvue, this is the result of a task that automatically pops up. Before, reps would wait to create an opportunity when there was a win. Now I can see if deals were lost and where in the process.”

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