Marketing Management

“Salesvue has allowed my teams to align their calls with our marketing strategy and messaging more effectively, and be more flexible in shifts in message. Actual opportunities and volume of conversations has increased with the improved processing of data. When installed the math of sales component has been awesome for learning where we can be most successful…” ~ Elizabeth Murawski

Salesvue Solutions:

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✔ See ROI of marketing campaigns and programs

✔ See what activities reps are doing in real time

✔ See whether or not reps are following up on leads

✔ Determine what lead sources are converting most frequently

✔ Identify what email messages are being opened and which links are being clicked

✔ Determine what markets are most effective

✔ Determine where to allocate resources in the future

✔ See what messaging is effective

✔ Forecast future sales

✔ Determine whether purchased lists are providing quality contacts

✔ Determine the best times to send emails

✔ Identify best workflows and processes


✔ Create and manage marketing campaigns

✔ Route and assign leads automatically based on certain scores

✔ Create workflows for sales reps to follow

✔ Ensure the messages, the method and time your contacts are communicated with are consistent

✔ Create customized, dynamic and non-linear sequences

✔ Automate task routing and assignment

✔ Keep non-responsive customers from falling through the cracks with an automated nurture plan

✔ Instantly integrate with and enhance your marketing automation software


✔ Create email templates for rep use

✔ Create media-rich HTML emails

✔ Get real time notifications of contacts clicking links and opening emails

✔ Score emails based on certain criteria or lead source

✔ Do A/B Testing on messaging

✔ Track email open rates to see whether or not emails are delivered and received

✔ Easily use marketing automation software to send emails in bulk

  • Activity = Results

    “Not only does the math of sales and the metrics make a huge difference in our ability to predict, the automation and ease of use have driven a huge increase in our team’s output and results have followed.”

    Jeff Purtell
  • Fantastic! Amazing!

    We use Salesvue with and I have to say it is amazing! We initially invested in Salesvue for their deep analytics capabilities (Math of Sales, contact rates, etc.), but we quickly realized their process automation is even more important to our team’s success. We have roughly 1000 warm leads a week coming in off the web for one of our clients and and we would have drowned without their process automation and cadences/plans. The added benefit is through working with Salesvue our data is tremendously clean as it doesn’t leave data integrity in the hands of your reps.

    Joe Czerkies
  • Easy tool for prospecting

    “Salesvue allows us to set up prescribed cadences that combine calling, emails, mailers etc. We can provide tools such as suggested talk tracks and templated emails to ensure consistency in our messaging. Recording results is easy and the analytics allow us to quickly see if someone is falling behind, struggling in using the tool, or knocking it out of the park. Having each cadence step recorded in SFDC activities allow us to do additional analytics that combine Salesvue activities with marketing activities and sales activities further down the sales cycle so we can better understand the sales process.

    Dana Chamberlain