Create structured workflow rules which will ensure that all important steps of the onboarding process are completed to improve consistency and efficiency. Get new hires working the right way, right away.


Want new hires to come into your organization and hit the ground running right away? This is accomplished by having established, automated workflows and processes in place, so they don’t have to wonder about who to contact, what to say, or how to engage prospects. Help your reps be successful out of the gates.


If accurate information about your clients is important to you, let Salesvue help your teams manage it accurately and efficiently. Because editing data in Salesforce is a manual process, Salesvue can be configured to make sure all fields are consistently maintained and that all the right processes are followed.


Salesvue can automatically kick off your critical processes to make sure that once a deal is signed, the appropriate approvals and events are automatically followed to allow revenue to be onboarded as quickly as possible. We create standardized processes to bridge the sales and delivery hand off.


What HR department hasn’t struggled with effectively delivering an accurate, timely onboarding experience for all new hires? Salesvue can ensure all data forms are captured and all checklists are completed for every new hire as well as providing effective change management routines.


Many of our clients utilize 3rd party business arrangements to conduct their business. Salesvue automation can be established and deployed to quickly, accurately and efficiently onboard agents to your business processes.


Your partners become an extension of your organization. When onboarding new partners, it makes sense for them to be able to get them up to speed as fast as possible. Make other businesses eager to work with you because you make it easy to get through all the mundane details and time-consuming paperwork that often results in potential partners becoming disengaged.

  • Onboarding has never been easier

    One of the most frustrating aspects of hiring on new reps has been equipping them with the organizational best practices so they’re successful right off the bat. Salesvue not only provides the automation necessary to instantly boost rep productivity, but also sets them on the right path with proven tactics and workflows.

    Kurt Sarlls