Our core software functionality is a workflow platform that can customize and automate a variety of business rules for virtually any process that your teams use to control revenue generating activities.


Salesforce is a store house of data and it is cumbersome and uneasy to use. Salesvue brings that data to life and will make it usable information, via our process automation engine, to help your teams be more efficient, effective and to help them drive more revenue.


Salesvue can be configured to make sure all native Salesforce fields that are important to your business are consistently maintained. Dependent fields can have multiple edit checks to validate that they are being updated with the right information to ensure down stream reporting is accurate.


Native Salesforce activity execution is manual and requires a number of screen navigations and ad hoc decision making. Salesvue can be configured to automate and streamline the entire process, including all follow ups, to guide team activities to repeatable, successful outcomes.


Salesvue can be used to tie a variety of 3rd party tools together into a cohesive system. Within departments or across multiple teams, Salesvue can ensure all transactions are completed and routed consistently and efficiently to improve and accelerate the speed of your sales activities.

  • Salesvue is the KEY to optimizing your efficiency in Salesforce

    “Salesforce is a good CRM tool but it is simply overwhelming to utilize by itself from a prospecting/lead generation perspective. In fact, our sales organization was more efficient with their time working from an excel spreadsheet in that regard but of course we also needed the ability to keep track of lots of data. Salesvue allows you to design custom plans that serve up specific tasks each and every day for your reps. This is crucial because the number one question that slows a sales organization and a business down is “what am I supposed to do next?” You ALWAYS have the answer to that question with Salesvue and its mathematically impossible to not be more efficient as a result.

    Additionally, the customer success team is one of the best I’ve seen and is always available to help with virtually anything. Put simply, if you aren’t using Salesvue than you aren’t really using Salesforce because all you’re doing is loading data into account pages. Stop wasting your time and getting frustrated with a lack of activity and a lack of positive conversions. Get Salesvue immediately or you most likely won’t reach your goals as a sales organization.”


    Charlie Winn