Sales Reps

I hadn’t used Salesforce very much before we implemented Salesvue and honestly, I’m glad I didn’t. Today, I groan any time I have to change records through Salesforce instead of during my call cadences in Salesvue. The app makes it a breeze to send my emails, make outbound calls, and manage any workflow with prospects. I adore the fact that I can update account AND customer information in the same place (even while I’m writing an email or making a call). I don’t have to run a report every time I want to check my day’s progress, instead I just go to my Task Summary page and can see my IRT score! Salesvue’s analytics are much more aesthetically pleasing than in Salesforce and my manager never has to guess what I’ve accomplished...”

Rebecca Garcia

Salesvue Solutions:


✔ Get real time notifications of contacts clicking links and opening emails

✔ Prioritize tasks and contacts based on emails being opened

✔ Prioritize tasks and contacts based on email scores

✔ Track emails automatically

✔ Send rich-media, Full HTML emails

✔ Use email templates

✔ Send emails in bulk


✔ Make calls directly from their Salesvue tasks with a click

✔ Use a power dialer

✔ Drop recorded voicemails with a click of a button

✔ Track calls

✔ Record calls

✔ Make calls to other cities or internationally from a local number


✔ See what their activities have been

✔ See what activities are converting to conversations

✔ See how many conversations they are having to convert to a sale

✔ See what email templates are getting opened

✔ See what workflow plans have been most effective


✔ Automatically follow steps of their sales process without the manual labor of following each step.

✔ Salesvue Plans allow reps to click a button and auto update fields

✔ Automate task routing and assignments

✔ Schedule follow ups automatically and update data to other parties to who need to be informed on an account or contact.

✔ Easily differentiate between account based selling and contact based selling

✔ Automate best practices

  • Business Development sucess

    As a Business Development rep my job is to source as many deals as I can possibly find with outbound calling. I have found that Salesvue is the perfect tool for the job! Being able to create call plans and run reports based off previous results is the key to my success in this industry. The follow up plans are great and I never forget to follow up with older prospects!

    I have used other similar tools in the past and the way that Salesvue is integrated into Salesforce makes my workflow seamless as I work to make as many calls as I can per work period.

    Thanks Salesvue!

    Satish Venkatraman
  • Cold calling MUST HAVE

    “As an Account Executive making 100+ outbound calls a day, I needed to find a tool that was able to organize my efforts, and Salesvue is the tool that was able to handle this.

    Salesvue is able to separate all of my leads by time zone, and create a call plan against these leads to help me organize my efforts. I have been able to increase my outbound calling by upwards of 50%, and the ease of use is unmatched by any other tool I have had the opportunity to use. The Salesforce integration is amazing as I am able to pull mass leads from reports and blast out emails via a Salesforce template.

    Automation is key, and I plan my entire day around my Salesvue activities! “

    Ross Cusack
  • Salesvue Review

    “Salesvue has been a great tool that helps me manage my time throughout the day. I have worked with Salesforce before and now Salesvue has made it 10 times easier. It helps me realize which tasks are most important and which ones I need to focus on.

    Chris Howard