Salesforce Administrators

“Purchased this solution for our Lead Generation Team and had it configured and users training in a matter of hours. Started managing prospecting campaigns immediately, and have already seen a significant efficiency improvement. Out of the box analytics will allow us to measure and adjust our prospecting/business developments efforts to improve effectiviness. Integration with Salesforce is seemless, and the UI is very intuitive.”

~ Mike Hipp

Salesvue Solutions:

For Salesforce Administrators, Salesvue is a dream come true. Because Salesvue is native to Salesforce, it allows Admins to install, implement, automate and update without complex and time consuming development.


✔ Dedicated support team

✔ Easily integrate with Marketing Automation Software (Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot)

✔ Easily integrate with telephony systems (Twilio, Genesys, Five9)

✔ Easily integrate with email platforms (Gmail, Outlook, Etc)

✔ Works with All Salesforce Objects, Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities

✔ Works with custom fields and objects

✔ Integrate without data mapping

✔ Integrate without API Calls, data syncing or data exporting

✔ Keep data secure


✔ Create workflows and processes for ANY department or role

✔ Easily create customized, dynamic and non-linear sequences

✔ Automate task routing and assignments

✔ Supports Range of complex assignment strategies using existing SF customization

✔ Supports Dialer, Email & other integrations

✔ Support workflows on leads, contacts, accounts & opportunities

✔ Customize Plans based on Company Terminology

  • Fantastic! Amazing!

    We use Salesvue with and I have to say it is amazing! We initially invested in Salesvue for their deep analytics capabilities (Math of Sales, contact rates, etc.), but we quickly realized their process automation is even more important to our team’s success. We have roughly 1000 warm leads a week coming in off the web for one of our clients and and we would have drowned without their process automation and cadences/plans. The added benefit is through working with Salesvue our data is tremendously clean as it doesn’t leave data integrity in the hands of your reps.

    Joe Czerkies
  • Streamlining the process for reps and admins

    “Salesvue is intuitive on both the rep side and the admin side. As a Salesforce novice, I can augment plans, adjust cadences, add results/triggers, and run reports easily and quickly. The reps enjoy the automation and are able to efficiently and smoothly run through their daily tasks. Nicole has been integral in the successful roll out of Salesvue with our company and a life saver on multiple occasions. Looking forward to a strong partnership moving forward!

    Shannon Roney
  • Driving standardization and consistency across sales org

    “Salesvue has played a huge rule in the maturity of our sales org. Like many small companies, sales was a bit of the wild west with every rep doing something different. With the help of Salesvue and their team we were able to identify best practices for how our reps should be engaging our customers. From there they helped us take this best practices and turn them into standardized process for our reps to work and management could measure the effectiveness of. We chose Salesvue for its flexibility to continue to test and tweak process as new best practices are discovered. Salesvue has also been a great partner in listening to our needs and adjusting their product road map when possible to help us meet our goals. If you are trying to bring stability to your Sales processes, I highly recommend this tool and company.”

    Alex Chiapetta