Sales Organizations have undergone major transformations over the past several decades. With the increase in big data and buying behavior moving towards more digital engagement, most sales organizations have needed to adapt their approach. As a result, the daily activity of the sales rep is transforming. For forward-thinking sales organizations, utilizing technology will be an important play in the success of this continued transformation. Below are 3 areas that sales organizations will see the greatest changes: Sales Coaching through Automation What if your sales reps could receive coaching on which leads to follow up with, the ideal time to reach out and best practices for engagement? The technology exists today. Sales reps can now be equipped with detailed, actionable data in real time, allowing sales managers to focus more on teaching the technique of selling rather than communicating or policing sales processes. The recent advancements in this technology are shows to yield greater conversion rates and boost productivity. Social Networks Transform Lead Distribution More and more people are connected through social networks and their impact to business is increasing. Social media is often being leveraged by sales teams to find new prospects with a recent study showing 92% of companies using social media to identify leads. As a result, social media has the potential to completely alter lead distribution by relationship instead of geography. This new distribution leverages the power of relationship or the ‘art of the sell.’ New technologies can assign leads to reps based on their social proximity helping aid in ‘warm’ connections. Adoption of Sales Acceleration Technology The selling process begins with the first connection; a hit to the website, an open email, a meeting at a tradeshow. With the right marketing automation, information is captured on your potential buyer from the very start. Most companies are invested in marketing automation. Equally important however is the hand-off between marketing and sales. Unfortunately, with this hand-off, much of the automation and actionable data on a lead is ignored. Sales technologies exist however to fill this gap between marketing automation and sales. Tools in this space are growing tremendously and will make a huge impact on sales organizations. When looking for tools to help your sales organization, start by looking at Salesvue. Native in Salesforce, Salesvue gives your team quick access to sales activities, coaching on lead management, accelerates the sales process, and off-loads administration tasks so that your sales team can focus on what they do best- selling. For more information on our native Salesforce integration, download our "How to Standardize Your Sales Process" white paper by filling out the form below: