Do I need to have Salesforce to use Salesvue?


Your information never leaves the Salesforce ecosystem. No data syncing. No importing or exporting data. No data mapping required.

The Salesvue application user experience is completely integrated with the Salesforce user interface in both Classic and Lightning experiences. All your data is stored in Salesforce so it is completely secure and available to be integrated with your other processes and reporting with having to configure synchronization. Our workflow engine is implemented outside of Salesforce but at no time does ANY of your protected information need to be sent outside of your Salesforce account.

Our workflow automation is flexible and can be used to automate workflows for any role.

Salesvue can connect different departments and provides visibility to every stage of the sales cycle.

Salesvue provides actionable analytics, enabling users to view reports on metrics, not found in Salesforce.

Salesvue has a single console.

Your software license, training, implementation assistance and support is included in your annual fee.

No. Anyone in your organization who uses Salesforce will benefit from using Salesvue. From the beginning to end of the sales cycle, Salesvue helps increase productivity and efficiency.



What is a cadence?

A cadence (or as we call it, a Plan) sets a series of activities with the variable of time removed, enabling users to follow a standardized, consistent engagement strategy.

Users with permissions will use our interface to set a sequence of activities and based on the result, be able to set the following set of activities.

Installation & Implementation

Installation & Implementation

How long does it take to get up and running?

45 minutes to install and depends on your availability.

A Salesforce admin user will help considerably, but is not necessary.

General support is included in the pricing of the solution. Customization and some configurations may incur additional fees.

As long as they work/integrate with Salesforce. You can see a shortlist of our most popular integrations here.

We support Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition and support Lightning Experience and Console Apps.



How much is a license?

Pricing will be customized based on your organizations needs, number of users, user roles.

Power Users:*
(Sales Reps, Customer Service Reps, Account Managers, Client Success Managers, etc)

Administrative Users:*
(Sales Managers, Directors, Sales Executives, Salesforce Admins, etc)


Annual agreements.

Yes. You can add licenses as needed.



Does Salesvue work with email marketing campaigns?

Yes. It will enhance your email marketing campaigns and give you great analytics to adjust as you go.

Yes, no daily limits either!

Yes, we integrate with both Gmail and Outlook.

Yes. You can track whether or not emails are delivered in addition to getting real time notifications of emails being opened and links being clicked.

Yes. You can score emails and leads through Salesvue or your marketing automation software.



What is Math of Sales™?

Our Math of Sales™ formula enables you to break down complicated data into simple, actionable reports. The beauty and the difference of Salesvue’s reporting is that you can compare and correlate data from different departments. You can truly see how activities and actions by one department affect others and ultimately how it effects your bottom line.

You can combine any data you have within Salesforce (including custom fields and objects) with Salesvue’s cadence data, such as follow-up timeliness, the most effective tasks in a cadence, or which cadence generates conversions at the highest rate.

Salesvue combines data with Salesforce’s native reporting capabilities, so you have a familiar report-building experience, but gain access to additional data from Salesvue cadences. Salesvue updates all reports in real time with no latency or lag time.



Does Salesvue work with my marketing automation software?

Yes! We work with all your marketing automation software including Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot.

Yes. Through Salesvue email score OR your Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot scoring.

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