Reduce. Automate. View. Engage.

Salesvue makes Salesforce easier to use by reducing click streams, automating workflows and increasing visibility of data to engage customers more efficiently.


“I love how my days activities are already laid out. follow up reminders on the same page too makes it easier to remember to get back with someone. Just an overall wonderful application for increasing productivity.”

– Chris Delacruz

Why Our Clients Love Us

Makes Salesforce Easy to Use

Reducing clicks increases activity. The truth is, Salesforce is not easy to use. It’s great for data storage, but it’s not user friendly or intuitive. Salesvue helps users get through their activities and manage tasks much easier by allowing them to see everything in one place in an intuitive way.

Actionable Data & Analytics

Easy to read reports and analytics with data that matters. Do you really know how well your sales reps are performing? Are their activities actually translating to revenue? With our Math of Sales analytics and reporting, you see in plain terms who and what is working…or not working for your organization.

Salesvue is native to Salesforce.

One pane is all you will need! No switching back and forth between screens: no exporting or importing data; no API calls. Tedious click streams and multi-screen navigations are a thing of the past. Log in to Salesvue and you’re ready to go!

Data Security

Keep your internal and customer data safe. Data security is of the utmost importance and Salesvue shares your concerns. Our native app complies with the rigorous Salesforce security standards. There is no exporting or syncing of data outside of Salesforce, ensuring your data is always safe.

Flexible Workflow Automation Plans

Automated workflows that work for more than sales! Create custom cadences and sequences to automate your workflows and processes in any department. Our plans can be configured to automatically route transactions from one department to another to enabling accurate and seamless business activity improving visibility and communication.

Implementation & Support

Install in 45 minutes. Even though our installation is easy, we don’t just leave you to figure it out. You will have a dedicated Support Member to walk you through installation, planning, implementation, execution and ongoing management.

There is more…

“Salesvue is has helped my SDR team become over 20x more efficient. It keeps all tasks organized and has analytics built in to ensure that we are making the best decisions.

The support is phenomenal. Everyone is eager to help solve any issue in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend Salesvue to anyone looking for organization, efficiency, and data-driven results. 

– Kim Nielsen


  • Upcoming tasks, follow ups and plans are easy to see.
  • Salesvue-Salesforce-workflow-automation-application-solution-phone-dialer-screenshot
    Making calls is a breeze with our optional dialer console.

“Outside Salesvue’s ability to streamline sales opportunities and help reps not drop a ball, their success team and customer support is top notch! Highly recommended.”

– Zach Conrad

Why Is Salesvue The Most Effective Workflow Automation + Sales Enablement App On The Market?

  • The ONLY 100% native workflow automation Salesforce app.
  • Works directly inside Salesforce – NO extra tabs.
  • Quick, 45 minute installation – NOT days or weeks.
  • NO compatibility or data integrity issues – NO conflicts.
  • Enhances marketing automation platforms – NO lost leads.
  • Real time data – NO exporting, syncing, mapping or delayed data.
  • Automate processes – NO extra clicks or wasted time.
  • Game changing analytics – NO more guessing.
  • Dedicated Support Member for your account. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU BE SUCCESSFUL!

Let us show you how to take your company to the next level.