Salesvue was born out of an effort to create an internal solution to improving an inside sales team’s productivity through activity, automation and insightful analytics. The company was using Salesforce, which led to the idea for a workflow automation application that delivered efficient communication, visibility and accountability across the entire sales cycle and the organization.


Our belief is that a platform solution such as Salesvue is the real answer to helping companies improve their marketing, sales, management and operations execution in Salesforce.

Point solutions might provide short-term relief, but Salesvue delivers true enterprise-class workflow automation that is guaranteed to help companies improve by giving them easy-to-use tools and useful data to scale their revenue targets predictably and reliably.

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Our application has three primary features that deliver benefits to any team in your company from Marketing through Sales to On Boarding and Renewals.

Our Plans allow ANY workflow functionality to be automated to help your team members be more effective and efficient. Additionally, our plans can be configured to route transactions from one department to another enabling accurate and seamless business activity.

Our Console has been purpose built and optimized to make Salesforce an easier tool to use. All your Salesforce data is still there. We just make it easier to find on one screen. Tedious click streams and multi-screen navigation become a thing of the past.

Our Analytics use patented algorithms to automatically track, manage and correlate every activity and outcome at every stage of your sales cycle. By understanding your Math of Sales, company leadership can make more informed decisions on how to grow their revenues.

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Salesvue has many features to help your organization automate workflows and increase the effectiveness of your activities.


Do more than just send emails.


Make every call you make count.

Analytics & Reporting

Get actionable data and insights.

Single Console

Everything on one dashboard.

Workflow Automation

Automate workflows and processes for every department and role.


Our native app keeps data secure and data never leaves Salesforce.


Dedicated support and implementation team.

Mobile App

Keep your appointments and your data updated on the go.


The Largest Financial Services Companies

The Largest Internet Security Companies

Health Insurers

Professional Sports Teams