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Sales Cycle Management

Every stage of your sales cycle should contribute to revenue growth. Salesvue is the Salesforce-native platform that helps you engage with prospects and customers at every stage.


Get a handle on your sales cycle.

Manage and optimize the sales cycle across departments and technologies with Salesvue’s systematized cadences, automation, and insightful analytics to generate more revenue.

Marketing &
Demand Generation

Generate leads and turn them over to the sales team without a hitch.

  • Marketing can send or automate bulk outbound email blasts (without hurting your domain reputation).
  • Identify and prioritize engaged prospects with email scoring.
  • Easily route qualified leads to your sales reps with automation so your follow-up is as timely as possible.


Ensure a measurable, scalable, and repeatable prospecting process.

  • Reps know exactly who to call next and even what to say with sales cadences, email templates, and call scripts.
  • Follow-up processes are automated and timely so no leads slip through the cracks.
  • Reduce time spent on non-sales activities with structured cadences so your reps can focus more time in meaningful conversations.

Opportunity Management

Maintain consistent and timely touches to nurture valuable qualified prospects.

  • Contact warm opportunities at the right time with automatic reminders and generate structured processes for engagement.
  • Gain visibility into opportunities that haven’t been touched in awhile, so no deal is missed.
  • Use cadences to operationalize best practices to continuously move deals forward through the pipeline.


Smooth the process for onboarding customers and your client success reps.

  • Automated workflows from closed won opportunity to the onboarding stage provide structure for a seamless handoff.
  • The ability to schedule implementation steps make sure your onboarding process is consistently followed.
  • Create multi-activity steps, assigning tasks to multiple team members that each need to be completed before moving on to the next step.

Account Management

Retain customers by maintaining consistent contact.

  • Ensure consistent, timely conversations with automated workflows and conversation recency monitoring.
  • Easily keep all communication tasks and information tied to an entire account inside Salesforce.
  • Onboarding new reps becomes easier when all information and sales activity is available in one place – Salesforce.

Contract Renewal

Get a systematic approach to renewals and upselling.

  • Automate contract renewal tasks based on Salesforce data.
  • Proactively gain client feedback and strategically upsell.
  • Put the right rep in touch at the right time.
Gradient Arc

Stay in touch with prospects and customers at every stage of the sales cycle.

When the entire sales cycle is managed in Salesforce, sales leaders have a single source of truth with insightful analytics to make strategy and process improvements.