Salesvue clients speak out about their experience since implementation.
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Internal Sales Manager

Brendan Meakim Global Atlantic Financial Group

“If you’re hitting your numbers and you’re working at 50% efficiency, what could you be hitting at 100% efficiency?”

How does Salesvue help drive efficiency?

“At the end of the day, that’s what we wanted. To not make people have to go to five different places to figure out who to call or contact. We wanted one singular spot that’s going to say, ‘Here are the important activities for today,’ and that’s what Salesvue does.”


How does Salesvue give managers better insight into what’s going on?

“You can see what’s working and when. You can see who’s struggling and have best practices to share with them. If Internal #1 is doing a great job and doing it this way and Internal #2 is struggling and they’re off doing it their own way, then you can have Internal #2 look at what Internal #1 is doing and start doing it that way.”


What did Salesvue help you discover about your own team?

“I thought we had a pretty standard sales process across our territories. Then we turned on Salesvue and we realized we had 44 totally different processes. Salesvue helped all our sellers get on the same page and follow best practices.” 

Sales Executive

“Salesvue has helped us prompt our users to take action on data that is already existing today and allows them to do so without having to go look anywhere else.”

Why is Salesvue being native to Salesforce important to your team?

“Understanding the Salesvue tool and its native nature to Salesforce gave us the ability to institute certain automation within Salesforce via triggers that allows our team to not worry about having to go find particular activities to conduct. Rather, they’re prompted to take those actions based on previous actions.”


Did internal wholesalers run into issues with your former tool?

“Because of a limitation [a Salesforce object could only be used in one cadence at a time] it created difficulty regarding adoption in using the cadencing feature, which resulted in more utilization of click to dial and reaching out to people in a one-off scenario rather than actually using the cadence platform that was built.”


What was the client success experience like with your former tool?

“If something were to go wrong it would take quite a bit of time to get a hold of somebody in their service department. Putting in tickets, it seemed like you were putting in a ticket to a black hole and they would say ‘Have all your users put in a ticket. The more tickets we have the more something gets escalated,’ which frankly, if there’s an issue we felt like they should have been addressing it immediately.”

Salesforce Business Consultant

“Salesvue is data driven, but also doesn’t lose the relationship aspect of sales. The data is a bonus. It’s whipped cream on the top of your sundae with a cherry and sprinkles.”

What were some of the things that led you to choose a Salesforce native platform?

“I wanted a Salesforce native platform because first and foremost, I think about the experience the user has within a sales engagement platform. If you’re telling me to use 20 different systems, I’m going to tell you ‘bye.’ Additionally, we have to maintain control and security of the data.”


Did the sales process become easier after implementing Salesvue?

“With Salesvue, I can provide more effective coaching, and , being able to look at that data is helping sales reps drive the results they want in their territory. It’s a big win for our company to be able to see the data behind the process and coach to it.”


How has sales changed using Salesvue?

“The sales reps began trusting the application and the process. They saw that activity was staying equal to or increasing over time, which was good, but there was a 10% increase in unique contacts (call attempts) over those five months, and the trend is upwards, which is great.”

Head of Sales

Zach Vickman Stratify Technologies, Inc.

“Salesvue has the functionality that you’d expect from a legacy enterprise provider, with the added benefit of having an extraordinary customer service and client success experience that is second to none.”

What do you like about how the Salesvue team has helped answer questions and address concerns?

“It’s the customer service, it’s the attentiveness, it’s the responsiveness. No solution’s going to be perfect. So, when you do have a question or when you need some help, the question is ‘Can you get somebody on the phone relatively quickly?’ And that’s, in my opinion, really what separates the Salesvue team from everybody else.”


How has Salesvue differed from other companies in today’s environment?

“At this point in time, people appreciate a high level of engagement with the vendors they select. That’s the market we’re in right now and that’s what I think Salesvue does very well.”

Director, Inside Sales

Nicole Bordwine OpsRamp

“We’ve been able to see what’s working and what’s not. So, it has just made it easier to contact the right people.”

What led you to choose a Salesforce native platform?

“We did a trial with a couple of my BDRs, and they really liked how easy it was to build out the plans we wanted, the steps we wanted, and to get people loaded into those plans.”


What successes have you experienced since implementing Salesvue?

“It’s definitely been quicker to onboard BDRs to the Salesvue tool…It’s easier because it’s in Salesforce so you don’t have to have two different tools that they’re going back and forth in between. So onboarding is now simpler and quicker.”


What’s it been like to work with Salesvue?

“The Salesvue team has been responsive getting answers back quickly and fixing problems. They’re always willing to either jump into our Salesforce or into Salesvue and check out the problem or walk us through how to fix the problem, and that piece has been just great.”


Mike Finnegan Medasource

“Our accountability and KPI usage is up across the board. We’ve seen probably a 20-30% increase in overall activity in our system.”

How does the standardization provided by Salesvue help your team?

“Getting everybody on the same page was important to us because the freedom we were allowing from a sales perspective was creating poor best practices. It was important to me to make sure everybody had the structure they needed.”


What are some of the lifts you’ve seen since working with Salesvue?

“We’ve seen our management team get a lot sharper as far as coaching with data because they now have more data. It’s also allowed us to become a much larger organization and it has insulated us from the growing pains that come with that.”


What’s your relationship with Salesvue like?

“Truthfully, people at Salesvue have become friends of mine. They’ve been really instrumental in developing a relationship with us where I felt like Salesvue listened. It’s not easy to understand a 3rd party organization’s workflows and we just kept at it until we figured it out.”

AVP, Internal Sales Manager

Jim McClelland Global Atlantic Financial Group

“Having something native, like Salesvue, that sits right in Salesforce makes it easier for us and easier for the team to adopt the technology versus having anything that sits outside of Salesforce.”

As Salesvue mobile app users, what do you like most?

“It is very intuitive, and when the external finishes a meeting or meets with a rep, the ability to very quickly talk to text in the mobile app, state what happened, and record the disposition of the meeting. If there’s a case to run, the external wholesaler can put that right into the Salesforce app, and that opportunity would now go to the opportunity plan follow-up and can show up right in their internal partner’s queue in their Salesvue tasks.”



What gave you confidence that Salesvue was the right sales engagement platform for you?

“Salesvue’s experience in financial services led to understanding our sales model. Salesvue understands the relationship between internals and externals and picks up very quickly on the language that we were talking. Some of the competitors did not do that, they really struggled understanding the dynamic.”

Business Development Specialist

Nathan Maude WorkSmart Systems, Inc.

“I’m 9 times more productive in my prospecting efforts with Salesvue, and I can focus more on meetings and converting deals.”

What was prospecting like before implementing Salesvue?

“Before using Salesvue, we would copy and paste into the email and then update Salesforce at the same time. So, sending out an email took 5 minutes. Before Salesvue we were sending about 150 emails out about a week and now on a Thursday at 10:15 a.m., I’m at 780 emails.”



How has your renewal process changed using Salesvue?

“I’m able to pull a report on renewals, put together an email blast, and then with a click of a button send 160 emails to everyone with a renewal coming up … and it only takes about 5 minutes.”



How has your day changed since Salesvue?

“On a good day before Salesvue, I was marketing to 40 or 50 companies. Now, on a good day, you could send out 700 emails and get 35 responses. So, it’s a lot more efficient that way.”


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