Salesvue’s sales analytics bring you end-to-end sales pipeline reporting so you can continuously grow revenue.

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Creating robust analytics reports with a third party platform is too hard. With Salesvue, all your data is automatically available without any exporting, importing, pivoting or normalizing.

Work smarter with the Math of Sales™

A most valuable component of our Salesvue reports, Math of Sales™ is a ratio that demonstrates the level of effort it takes your team to get one conversion (however you define a conversion). Use it to optimize sales activities to achieve more successful outcomes with insight into every phase of your sales cycle.

The Math of Sales™ can inform your decisions on your sales team’s performance, their capacity and effectiveness, as well as the effectiveness of campaigns. It can tell you which industries and job titles you should target, and more.

  • Compare performance for sales reps, cadences, lead sources, industry targets, job role targets, or any other Salesforce data you have.
  • Analyze data by day, week, month, quarter, or year.
  • Report on any Salesforce standard or custom entity, including Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity.
  • Use any Salesforce field as custom criteria.
  • Report on inbound or outbound activities.

Be Timely with Time-to-First Touch and Conversation Recency Reports

The Time-to-First Touch report measures the time between adding an entity to a plan in Salesvue—a Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity—to the time that the first task on the plan is completed for that entity.

According to our research, in some industries where prospects are vetting options, if you’re not one of the first three to respond or call, you have less than a 5 percent chance to close.


Quite simply, timeliness drives conversations which drives conversions, and with the Time-to-First Touch report, you can customize your settings to gain insight into how well your team is performing at any point in time.

  • Additional fields and attributes can be used for grouping, to compare performance based on rep, cadence, lead source, and more.
  • Filter results to show calls, emails, or both.
  • Show trends by breaking down each group into smaller groups based on date ranges.

The Conversation Recency Report provides a view of how well an organization is  maintaining a consistent connection with their prospects and customers in the form of an actual conversation. Having a conversation is critical to truly maintaining a strong relationship with a prospect or customer.

With many customers and prospects in different phases of their customer journey, it is very easy to let some of this communication fall to the wayside.


With the Conversation Recency report, you can customize your settings to gain insights and identify areas for more consistent and improved communication:

  • Report on communications by Lead, Contact, or Account.
  • Group and compare performance by additional Salesforce fields, including rep, market segment, lead source, cadence, and more.


Make Game-Changing Adjustments with the Sales Pipeline Report

The Sales Pipeline Report harnesses the power of Salesforce and Salesvue data together, to help you identify which activities drive results and which don’t, and where prospects are being lost in the funnel. Throughout your sales pipeline, from beginning to end, identify where the conversion rates are highest and lowest so you can make winning adjustments to your marketing and sales processes and strategies to close more deals.

ultimate sales pipeline report

The labels on the horizontal axis in the report above represent each phase in the sales pipeline. Here is what each phase is depicting:

  • Leads Presented is the total number of scheduled activities, although some of these activities may not be resolved.
  • Leads Touched shows the number of activities for which at least one of the selected results was configured as a Touch.
  • Leads Converted is the number of activities for which at least one of the selected results was configured as a Conversion.
  • Opportunities Created shows the total number of activities completed for the Opportunities that were created.
  • Opportunities Closed-Won counts the total number of activities completed for the Opportunities that were closed-won.

With other sales engagement platforms, data is often fragmented, requiring a lot of effort to find, import, export and manipulate data. The Salesvue Sales Pipeline Report is comprehensive and always up to date because Salesvue is native to Salesforce. It works by combining Salesforce’s Opportunity data with Salesvue’s prospecting data, demonstrating the correlation between activities and conversions all the way from prospecting activities to Leads to Opportunities to Closed Won or Lost.

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