Salesvue’s sales engagement platform provides sales analytics with actionable insights to improve ROI.

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Easily see which marketing initiatives are contributing most to sales growth in real time.

With multiple initiatives running simultaneously, it’s hard to identify what’s working best. Salesvue’s sales analytics provide you with the reports that tie sales activities to marketing initiatives so you can save time and identify the most productive plans.

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Know what drives results with the Math of SalesTM.

The power of Salesforce® is multiplied when you use it with Salesvue. Our Math of Sales report shows conversions generated by lead source, sales person, touchpoint, cadence, industry, or any other field from your Salesforce account so you can see what’s working and what’s not. Better yet, it helps you understand the effort needed to generate a sales conversation and a conversion, so you’ll be able to help your whole team increase productivity and consistently meet or exceed their sales goals.

Make Game-Changing Adjustments with the Ultimate Sales Pipeline Report

The Sales Pipeline Report harnesses the power of Salesforce and Salesvue data together, to help you identify which activities drive results and which don’t, and where prospects are being lost in the funnel. Throughout your sales pipeline, from beginning to end, identify where the conversion rates are highest and lowest, so you can make winning adjustments to your marketing and sales processes and turn your “B” performers into “A” performers.

The labels on the horizontal axis in the report above represent each phase in the sales pipeline from Contacts Presented to Opportunities Closed, showing the number of activities and the conversion rate at each phase.

Be Timely with Time-to-First Touch Sales Analytics

The Time-to-First Touch report measures the time between adding an entity to a plan in Salesvue—a Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity—to the time that the first task on the plan is completed for that entity.

According to our research, in some industries where prospects are vetting options, if you’re not one of the first three to respond or call, you have less than a 5 percent chance to close.


Quite simply, timeliness drives conversations which drives conversions, and with the Time-to-First Touch report, you can customize your settings to gain insight into how well your team is performing at any point in time.

Gauge Consistency with Conversation Recency Reports

The Conversation Recency Report provides a view of how well an organization is maintaining a consistent connection with their prospects and customers in the form of an actual conversation. Having a conversation is critical to truly maintaining a strong relationship with a prospect or customer.

With many customers and prospects in different phases of their customer journey, it is very easy to let some of this communication fall to the wayside.

With the Conversation Recency report, you can customize your settings to gain insights and identify areas for more consistent and improved communication:

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See how Salesvue can provide the playbook for your team, make Salesforce work better for you, and give you more insightful analytics.