Salesvue takes reporting beyond vanity metrics and gives you metrics that matter.

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Everyone has reports, but not everyone has reports that drive better decisions.

Salesvue reports build on your existing Salesforce data to tie sales activities to marketing initiatives, so the sales operations team can identify what results in more wins.

A single source of truth for your analytics is undeniably powerful.

  • Eliminate disputes about data validity. Non-native platforms cause chaos and trust issues. But with Salesvue, all revenue teams’ reporting data remains in Salesforce, so everyone is working with the same accurate information.
  • Bring alignment to your teams. Salesforce is the only CRM you need when you have Salesvue. Because it is Salesforce-native, there is no need for syncing systems or third-party visualization tools when you have Salesvue.
  • Increase Salesforce adoption. With easy-to-understand analytics in an easy-to-use interface, Salesforce is less of a paper weight and more of an engine.

Hone your strategy on what drives results with the Math of SalesTM.

Give your team the visuals to determine where they can get the best outcomes most efficiently. Salesvue’s Math of Sales report shows conversations and conversions generated by ANY field from your Salesforce account, so you can see what’s working and what’s not and drill deep.

  • Identify and leverage your top performers’ behaviors and scale it across the organization.
  • Identify the level of effort needed to generate a sales conversation and conversion by geographic territory.
  • Know who to target based on what content generates conversions by industry, job title or any other Salesforce field.
  • Understand which marketing channels or lead sources convert best to sales opportunities.
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Improve your Conversion Rates with Time-to-First-Touch Analytics

Responsiveness to inbound leads correlates to conversion rates. The Time-to-First Touch report measures the time between adding an entity to a plan in Salesvue—a Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity—to the time that the first communication touch is made to the prospect or lead on a cadence.

  • Be sure your reps are following up on marketing qualified leads by showing the average hours to first touch.
  • Filter results to show calls, emails, or both, so you know what method of follow-up is most successful.
  • Identify which reps have the best follow-up times and scale their behaviors across the team.
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Empower Your Team with Granular Insights from Activity Data

Drill deeper with Salesvue’s prospecting data in Salesforce, and glean insights for more efficient and productive selling.

  • Understand which days of the week are the best to contact prospects or clients
  • Generate more sales conversations by reaching them when they’re more likely to respond
  • Adjust cadences to increase the likelihood of conversions
  • Use day-of-week data to make the best use of sellers’ time and maximize efficiency
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See how Salesvue can provide the playbook for your team, make Salesforce work better for you, and give you more insightful analytics.