Salesvue empowers your Account Executives to be more productive in Salesforce.

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Help AEs be more efficient and effective.

Your account executives shouldn’t be wasting time with spreadsheets, notepads, or calendar tasks. With Salesvue, you can build repeatable and scalable sales processes that help AEs prioritize their day easily inside Salesforce.

With improved efficiency, they can spend more time working opportunities through the sales cycle to close more deals. Salesvue will help your team:

  • Prospect more efficiently
  • Focus more time on the best opportunities
  • Get the best possible use of your Salesforce investment

Align the sales team.

With Salesvue’s Salesforce-native platform, your sales team has a single source of truth where data is up to date, and it’s easy to see who’s working on what. Opportunities won’t slip through the cracks, and AEs and BDRs can work better together. Salesvue will also help your team:

  • Create automated processes to help AEs and BDRs work in harmony
  • Improve alignment and coordination on account-based selling
  • Prevent duplicate effort calling the same prospects or contacts

Make better-informed adjustments.

With teams following the same process and using Salesforce more effectively, activities and results are more accurate, which leads to more complete and thorough reporting. Analytics from Salesforce and Salesvue provide better insights for growth. Salesvue will also help your team:

  • Connect revenue to marketing efforts
  • Identify where you’re winning to scale best practices
  • Understand how to unlock more opportunities and close more deals

Ramp new AEs faster without losing momentum.

Onboarding is quicker and easier because cadences and processes are set up, and the data is in Salesforce for easy transfer to new sellers. Salesvue will also help your team:

  • Ensure territory productivity doesn’t suffer during transitions
  • Scale winning sales processes across the organization
  • Keep Salesforce as a single source of truth
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