Prospecting is a tough job, and, sometimes, there is little clarity about who makes a good prospect, who will convert, when they will convert and why they will convert. The fact is that everyone wants more meetings and connections because it obviously increases their chances of making a sale. But how can you make more connections when the funnel is dry? Here are 3 prospecting tactics you could try.

Stage a "Cold" Walk-In

While you need to be strategic about how and when you do this, a cold walk-in could be a good way to reach out to a decision maker and establish a relationship. This is not to be confused with cold calling either. Go into an office, make an introduction and give them your contact information. Ask if they would be interested in hearing from you in the future, then finish the conversation and leave. Don't try to sell them then, unless they are showing interest.  The fact that you made an effort to come see them in person, while running the risk of possibly not catching them, might make them a little bit more apt to give you a chance.

Schedule Time For Your "Warm-Lead" List

There's nothing sales reps would love more than a steady trickle of qualified leads who are jumping to close a deal. Unfortunately, not all leads come with those credentials. There will be plenty of contacts and people in your pipeline you have lost touch with, or others you may have met at a conference or meeting, but never considered "prospect" material. Don't forget about these semi-hot or "warm" leads. Get back in touch, see where they are going with their business and see if you can do anything for them. Don't try to sell immediately; the objective is to reestablish a connection, generate some interest and gather more information about the individual or the company. To do this, you need to dedicate a specific amount of time each day or week for calling your warm-lead list. You never know when you will get a referral or when one of these warm leads turn into a hot one!

Leverage Your Losses

Look at your losses. That's right, your losses. Think about why they didn't happen. There will be definitely some triggers that turned the prospect away. By harnessing those points, you can improve your selling strategy and generate a few referrals. If you reach out to that "lost prospect" to understand what deterred them, you will learn more about your process and maybe even resurrect the deal. Salesvue helps you understand what's going on in your sales organization with sales business intelligence. Our detailed reports and analysis let you filter success rates by sales rep, prospect, day of the week and even the time of day. Data analysis shows you objection patterns, so you know what went wrong. So the next time around, you can take the right steps to reach out to your prospect, as well as refine and customize the message.