In theory, the goal of sales is simple: close deals to make money. It seems uncomplicated enough, right? Find a lead. Have the right conversations. Convert. Make profits. Lather, rinse, repeat. But, in reality, sales teams don’t always spend their time having meaningful conversation and converting prospects into paying customers. There are many administrative sales activities that can take away from time spent on selling. Here are a couple of sales activities that are wasting valuable time that should be spent on closing more deals:

Excessive Click Logging

Making the call is just the tip of the iceberg. Call logging is the tedious process that comes afterwards. Post-call, a sales rep needs to:
  • Summarize the call;
  • Record the number of attempts it took to reach the prospect;
  • Record the number of conversations had;
  • Record the nature of the call (whether it was via phone, email, in-person meeting,); and
  • Schedule a follow-up.
That’s more time devoted to administrative work and less time spent selling. By streamlining the process of call logging and creating automated follow-ups, your sales reps can spend more time on the conversation and less time on grunt work. Information Compilation Overload You need to analyze conversations and activities to see what is going wrong and where. Capturing data and compiling reports takes a long time, but objection patterns, conversation-to-appointment rates and callback rates are statistics that help you determine how best to move forward. These reports then become a weekly activity, with reports piling up week after week. But, which of those is really relevant to the selling situation? Instead, sift through reports and see which ones were used to take action and initiate change. Keep those. Filter out what you don’t need.

Sales Tracking

Another activity that eats into selling time is tracking. What is going on in the middle of the funnel after the initial call is made? This is where you can uncover who is doing a good job, who moves ahead quicker, identify roadblocks and identify patterns. But sifting through call logs can be tedious, and small details can get missed. However, by using tools that keep the entire team in sync, you can gain real-time insight into the activities of your team. Salesvue helps you through all these activities and gets them done 3o percent quicker. Our one-click call logging tool saves time and allows sales reps to easily record all the important details of a call. Whether they were able to reach the prospect, whether they left a message, what medium was used (phone, email, chat, in-person) and what was discussed. Our detailed reports and analysis make it easy for you to see who is performing, who is close to closing a deal, conversion rates, number of conversations and much, much more. Plus, our filtering options make sales tracking a breeze: track success rates based on sales rep, prospect, time of day and even day of the week. Everything that you need to know to boost conversion rates and rate your reps is at your fingertips. For more information on how Salesvue can help your team, contact us today.