What triggers a buy? What keeps a buyer on his or her toes? And what kind of organizational behaviors indicate that a company is looking to place a big order? Having all the answers to these questions in your pocket would make selling a cinch. But, it takes time and effort to uncover what those triggers are. Sales enablement helps you gain insight into buyer motivations, and you can use this information to increase awareness and build strong customer relationships. Here are three sales enablement tactics that can help sales and marketing work in tandem to sell more.

Gaining Insight

Thanks to the Internet, you can learn a lot more about a lead or potential customer in today's world. Analyze the digital footprint a lead leaves on your website and social streams. Understand what they care about and how much knowledge they have about your product, service or industry. Take a look at social media discussions and blog posts they have contributed to or shared. In the case of B2B selling, identify who within the company is actively researching your product, who has buying and decision making power and who has been raising objections. Audience insight is what helps you craft a great initial message or pitch.

Maintaining Awareness

Gaining insight is step 1; you need to put that info to good use by keeping yourself on top of the lead's mind. Nurture those leads by feeding them with insights and information that is valuable to them at that particular stage.  Marketing can provide sales teams with drip and nurture campaigns, so that your solutions always remain visible. As their interest develops, those leads are bound to conduct more research on your products and services.

Building A Relationship

The two activities listed above help develop the third sales enablement tool: relationship building. A lead would much rather buy from a sales rep they know and interact with instead of buying from a complete stranger. By maintaining consistent and continuous communication with the lead, your sales rep will grow a trusted relationship that can bring in more business and possibly referrals.

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