For any salesperson, one of the constant nagging thoughts in their minds usually is 'how do I close more sales?' The same tactics may not work for every prospect, which is why you need to be able to look at all factors that can influence sales. Here are 3 ways to get to 'yes' faster!

Focus on the prospect's outcome

3 Steps To Closing More SalesYou have been told to sell the benefits and expand on the relevant features of your products. You have also been told to listen to the prospect carefully so that you understand what exactly their problem is. Based on this, you need to pitch with the prospect's desired outcome in mind. You need to demonstrate how your product or service can help the prospect achieve the outcome. Every comment you make and every question you put forth should be centered around the prospect's outcome and how your product or service can get them there. Set aside time for garnering referrals You have a pool of customers who are happy with your products and services and have been with you for a while. Tap into that pool, let  them know that you are looking to expand your base, and that you need their help. Your existing customers could make that introduction for you, which solves the initial problem of lead acquisition. Try asking for referrals in short, concentrated words and intervals, take a week or two weeks out to focus on reaching out to your existing customers and asking for introductions. This way, you will have a bunch of new leads on a regular basis. And thanks to the initial call from your customers, you can use the next week or two to reach out to them while your name is still fresh in their minds from that intro call. When you make time for it, the whole process becomes more streamlined.


No sale has ever been won without the right amount of follow-up. One of the biggest reasons sales fall through is because the sales rep failed to follow up with a prospect and let the lead slip through the figures. it is probably going to take several calls, many more emails, going back-and-forth with proposals and in-face meetings as well. But you need to keep the contact consistent and comprehensive. Each time you follow-up, you need to build on the last conversation you had and move negotiations forward. Following up with prospects, leads and clients is made easier with Salesvue. Salesvue's one-click call logging capability allows you to record each interaction, make a note of the time and other details. as well as the outcome of the call. This prepares you for more actionable follow-up calls. But Salesvue doesn't just log calls quickly; it helps capture important data that gives you better insight into personal preferences and success stories. Our activities reports show you, at a glance, which sales reps are interacting with who, when, how, and what the outcomes are. Through these reports, automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns, Salesvue helps you unlock the exact steps that lead you to success.