When you begin a sales cycle, you end up with many leads at the top of your funnel and finally, narrow down to a few quality leads which convert. You may not start with a prospect that is a perfect fit for your company and who signs on the dotted line. Closing a deal takes time, focus and effort. However, if you find the right leads, create a streamlined process, and communicate in a timely manner, you have more of a chance to closing the sale quicker.


3 Steps to Closing the Sale QuickerFirst and foremost, you need to fill your funnel with quality, relevant leads. You may receive leads from marketing, via referrals from existing clients or through inbound marketing. Have a close look at those leads and determine whether they are a right fit for your business and your product or service. Some leads may just not be your target customer. Others may be a great fit, but not looking to buy right now. Sift your leads so that you can deal with them effectively and actively pursue those who have a good chance of converting.


Your sales reps are probably chasing several prospects at once, so have them follow a few basic step-by-step routine so that you can track what they are doing and share information. You should be able to view their progress and see where they are slipping up (if at all) and communicate easily.


The process of follow-up is very important in a sales cycle. You need to follow up after sending a proposal, initiating a campaign, a conversation or even if you were unable to reach a decision maker in your last interaction.  When you know what transpired in your previous conversation, you will be better prepared to follow up. Salesvue’s one-click call screen helps you capture conversations and interactions with ease. You can log calls easily and quickly, with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. Select the mode of communication, time, date and add a note as to what response you received. See Salesvue in action today to see how it can help you close and convert quicker.