3 Time-Saving Tips for Sales Teams

When sales managers are looking to increase revenue, they look at three main focuses: more qualified leads, more conversations, more deals. This doesn’t mean sales reps need to work harder, or longer hours, but they just need to find ways to make current sales processes more efficient. Salesforce gives you the tools you need to save time and work smarter.


Searching for documents gobbles up valuable time; in fact, according to CTO Today, employees may spend up to a third of their day looking for information. When documents are stored in Google Drive, SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive for Business, workers end up playing a virtual shell game, trying to remember where they last saw what they currently need.

Unveiled in December 2014, Salesforce Files Connect is a solution to this problem. Companies can house and collaborate on documents within Salesforce, eliminating frustration and downtime for sales reps. This file-sharing capability will expanded gradually, offering additional functionality in 2015.


While sales reps understand the value of social media in finding new leads, they may not have the time to engage with people online. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one way to stay on top of what’s happening on social channels.

ADP, a company that provides a wide range of corporate and human resources services, uses Marketing Cloud to keep up with social interactions and identify leads. Marketing Cloud is like a virtual scout, culling information on leads and funneling it to Sales Cloud, so sales teams are pursuing only the most promising prospects.


If you rely on Microsoft Outlook as your primary method of communication across all departments, your sales reps might be bombarded with emails that aren’t relevant, but may still have to take the time to read them. Salesforce’s Chatter app eliminates all the extra information that can decrease productivity.

With Chatter, you can create groups and include only the employees who need to be in on the discussion. Within groups, you can share files, videos and include customers, which is a helpful feature for sales teams that need regular input from clients.

Salesforce offers a lot of tools that can give your sales team a leg up in a competitive marketplace and Salesvue can help you be even more efficient in your interactions with Salesforce applications. Get more time-saving tips by downloading our white paper, “How to Standardize Your Sales Process.”