Though implementing a CRM solution can come with a hefty price tag, most companies find the investment to be worth its benefits. After all, CRM stands for ‘customer relationship management’ and what company does not find benefit in better managing the relationships with their customers? Implementing a CRM however does not come without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges can be the adoption rate of the new system across the organization, specifically sales organizations. CSO Insights has been studying the CRM adoption rates of sales organizations over the last twelve years. According to, in CSO's  "annual Sales Performance Optimization study” in 2014, CSO Insights showed that the percentage of sales organizations leveraging CRM solutions increased dramatically from 82.9 percent compared to 48.7 percent a decade ago. At first glance, this data seems promising. However, for the first time, CSO noted a decline in the number of sales people using CRM’s as part of their daily workflow which created alarm for further inquiry. Many companies and sales organization can probably identify with this challenge in adoption. While the data a sales organization captures within a CRM can be invaluable to the organization and to the selling process, the time it takes to enter this data can take away from valuable selling time. Below are three tips for getting your sales organization to not only embrace but love your CRM, making it a valuable part of their daily workflow. “Give me the data I need and make it easy for me to view.” First, ensure the data that is being captured is relevant to the sales organization and their processes while upholding the needs of other departments. Making a sales organization a part of the data-building process is critical. Additionally, sales organizations who can trust the integrity of the data in the CRM are more likely to use the CRM as a selling tool rather than treat it as a ‘big brother’ or an extension of management. Maintain the integrity of the data captured so that it is a reliable source for building strategy and reporting. Lastly, provide a way to easily view reports and dashboards so that the CRM becomes an extension of a sales representatives selling bag. The CRM should be viewed as a tool to increase productivity rather than a burden against selling time! “I will record the data we all need, but I need you to also focus on the importance of my selling time.” Many sales organizations complain that time spent in a CRM can take away from valuable selling time. When building out a CRM, keep in mind ways to capture the data everyone needs while lessening the time a sales representative might spend capturing such data. Fortunately, many applications exist today to enhance usability and streamline the process for a sales representative while capturing valuable data. For instance, Salesvue is a native application within Salesforce that decreases the clicks to log an activity from twelve to two, leaving a rep with more selling time! Additionally, Salesvue streamlines the process for making calls and organizes a sales representatives activities so that they can spend less time organizing their day and more time executing. “Train me on what exactly you need me to do and be there if I have questions.” Proper training is key for adopting any idea or concept and it’s importance is no different for CRM adoption. It’s one thing to implement a CRM and another to use it properly. Ensure the entire sales organization understands the benefits for their time in salesforce across the entire organization as well as for them personally as they work to hit targets. CRM solutions deliver a great opportunity to enhance the management of customer relationships. Make sure your CRM is set up so that your sales organizations continues to view it this way so that everyone across the organization will benefit! Salesvue provides a way to enhance a sales organization’s experience within Salesforce, increasing the time spent selling while capturing the critical data your organization needs. Additionally, it organizes activities and delivers key reporting for your organization to build revenue and pipeline strategies. One Salesvue customer saw a 500% increase in conversions by implementing Salesvue! To learn more, visit, or download our white paper, the 4 C's of Sales, by filling out the form below: