How can you manage your sales team better, improve productivity, gain better insight into your business and work more efficiently? Try the combined power of Salesforce and Salesvue. The world's most preferred sales CRM combined with the native Salesvue application can help you capture and manage data better. Here are four ways the Salesvue and Salesforce Integration can help your business sell more and be more profitable.

Better Data Management

Salesforce is accessible, easy to install and helps you manage data from across teams and organizations all in one place. And, you can access it from your computer or a mobile device. Salesforce, combined with Salesvue, gives you a single, unified view of view of every interaction between clients, sales reps, funders, volunteers and more. Salesforce's real-time tracking capabilities enhance communication between departments and deepens team engagement. Plus, you can measure and share the impact of your sales activities with real-time analytics. It allows you to connect with every aspect of the sale in a better and more cohesive way.

Sharper Insights

Salesvue is an application for Salesforce that shows you all the minute details of your sales teams activities. It shows you how many calls it takes to get an appointment, how many meetings lead to a sale and how well each individual sales rep is performing. It offers you an easier way to manage tasks, along with understanding the performance of your representatives. You gain better insight into real-time metrics which enable you to create more accurate forecasts. With Salesvue, there is a higher degree of transparency and better visibility into the finer details of the pipeline, right down to the conversation level. With a single click, you can see the status of your pipeline, including:
  • Number of leads,
  • Deals in progress,
  • Reps nearing a close, and
  • Leads falling off track.
Such easy access saves you time and energy, and it allows managers to take making strategic decisions quickly.

Replicate What Works Best

With the kind of insights you get from Salesvue, you can find a prospecting cadence that works for you and repeat it for success. When you figure out what steps, campaigns and tactics helped you close a sale, you can use the same methods to win sales in future. More profits, more efficiency and sharper forecasts!

Easy Integration

Salesvue, being a native application, offers easy integration so your data stays safe. Don’t worry about moving your data in and out of your Salesforce account. That type of structure, found in other solutions, can cause data corruption. With Salesvue, your data stays exactly where you want it to stay.