A Checklist for Qualifying Prospects

A sales pipeline consists of leads, which turn into qualified prospects, which then go into a negotiation stage before converting into loyal customers. There is a flurry of activity at the beginning, when you are trying to see if any of those lead are actually worth a shot. And figuring this out can take time. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when qualifying prospects.


a checklist for qualifying prospectsYou need to create a target customer profile before you start selling. Look at the product you are offering, the kind of customer or business it will best serve, the pricing and the scale of the operation. What is the value of your product or service? Who would want to get hold of this value? Where are they located?


As you begin to converse with your prospect, you need to understand if your needs and goals match theirs. Not just in terms of what they want to accomplish and whether your solution cuts it, but the larger picture. This means looking at execution time-lines, availability, and budgets. If the client wants more but is unable or unwilling to pay the price you ask, it may not be a deal worth getting into. Similarly, they may need you to complete the task sooner than you can, which may also create hurdles.


If you and your prospect are not communicating well or often enough, this is a sign that this deal may not be the most ideal. Your prospect will obviously have doubts and concerns related to your product/service, execution of the project and solution, and so on. But if you cannot keep the conversation going, or find that the prospect is unresponsive or going around in circles, then they may not be genuinely interested. Keep a track of your interactions and see if, after each conversation or meeting, there is a positive outcome- or look for factors which may have forced your prospect to take a step back.

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