CASE STUDY: Acquirent – How Math of Sales Identified Problems and Solutions


Companies of all sizes and stages turn to Acquirent for its unique approach to delivering outsourced sales contracts and managing insides sales delivering results for their clients. Whether the company is a Fortune 1000 wanting to rapidly boost revenue or venture-backed start-ups launching into the market, Acquirent provides the exact services each company needs, regardless of their stage. Acquirent, a 14-year-old company located in Evanston, Illinois, focuses on outsourced sales contracts to recruit and manage inside sales for its clients. The needs of an organization can fluctuate from one hundred percent relying on Acquirent to other times a component of the sales puzzle pieces.

After using Salesforce for 12 years, Acquirent found a better way to do business with implementing Salesvue. “It was just like their video of the chainsaw—it rapidly increased the pace of our campaigns by cutting through the inefficiencies of Salesforce. Salesvue cuts through tasks, as demonstrated by the Salesvue video, the handsaw just uses Salesforce, it takes more time and is not as methodical. Salesvue is the chainsaw that gets the job done!” –Geoff Winthrop, Acquirent Executive Vice President.

“Most organizations don’t realize they have a problem, they have Salesforce, why do they need Salesvue? However, what people don’t realize is they don’t know what they don’t know. Too much administrative time and not enough selling.”

—Acquirent Executive Vice President, Geoff Winthrop


A large organization came to Acquirent with 3,000 inbound leads per month. The current sales team was merely cherry picking.  There was no method for the sales team to follow to encompass the airtight data from the outputs occurring with each call. Acquirent realized there was no methodical game plan and they needed one…fast! Acquirent wanted pinpoint accuracy and analytics they could see in real time. Acquirent also wanted to eliminate administrative tasks that burden the sales team and hinder their efficiency.

To put it another way, Acquirent didn’t know its math of sales: how many activities converted to conversations; how many conversations converted to leads; how many leads converted to sales.

With 18 sales reps attacking the project, a lot of time and energy was being wasted because this data was unknown and the native Salesforce interface is incredibly inefficient for campaign management.


Enter Salesvue. With Salesvue installed into Salesforce, Acquirent was able to quickly have their sales team trained and using the very simple and easy-to-understand product. From the sales team standpoint, Salesvue was a game changer. Salesvue had the sales team efficient and effective in no time and Acquirent was able to make more money for their client in the process. It is the cadence and workflow automation that each sales rep follows for data accuracy and benefits client retention.

Geoff Winthrop emphasized, “Salesvue presents a results based workflow versus the standard method of working down a task list. Salesvue puts tasks into the pre-programmed buckets. It’s like each sales rep has their own personal assistant.”

Prior to using Salesvue, Winthrop would describe their process as “inconsistent.” He added, “With the aid of the Salesvue team and the phenomenal support, it is like having a part time sales op on your team!”

Without Salesvue, Winthrop described the sales team flow as “needing more thinking, slower, clunkier, remembering to do the tasks and additional administrative time. No organization pays a sales rep to do administrative, clerical tasks.”

If Winthrop were to describe Salesvue to a friend, he boasts, “Salesvue is the skin that sits on top of Salesforce, has all of the Salesforce functionality, but has all of the cadence plumbing within the CRM to help you follow a prescribed path.”

The Salesvue feature Acquirent found compelling is the strategy of A/B Testing, where you can see which results gain faster sales. Once Acquirent figured out what drove the most sales, they locked it down and ran with it. Winthrop enthusiastically explains, “It is easy to put a plan together and if you like the results, you keep it, and if not, you tinker with it making changes in real time.”


Salesvue uniquely gets to a deeper level from an analytical standpoint. As an inbound lead comes in, Acquirent is able to follow a cadence that can be easily changed or maintained. Salesvue allowed Acquirent to make their conversation cadences more efficient. Acquirent saw 90% of conversations were hitting 5 days into the plan allowing them to be smart about lengthening or shortening their cadence. According to Winthrop, The Math of Sales really gives you great insight into marketing campaigns as well as sales performance.

For instance, if one rep is converting one lead for every 10 activities and another is converting one lead for every 25, it becomes obvious which rep needs coaching. The number of connections per day almost doubled when Acquirent implemented Salesvue bringing activities to 160 selling activities per day and 3,200 per month across their team.

“Salesvue gives crystal clear data and analytics between marketing and sales to get a picture of what is happening and bridges the gap between sales and marketing,” according to Winthrop. He also notes that with Salesvue, Acquirent is able to “peel a level back to dig into what the true issue is if they are not seeing the results. If an organization doesn’t know their metrics, they might have a gut-feel but with Salesvue Math of Sales it allows companies to get specific and real with their metric.”

Acquirent has 54 sales reps and 6 administrative reps that work seamlessly with a variety of clients ranging from: car rental, medical device and insurance companies. Acquirent offers turnkey sales department, CRM and data experts as well as sales strategies.

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