Sales enablement is the process of equipping your sales force with insights and information that will help them close sales. It sheds light on what motivates buyers, organizational behavior, and other activities that can boost results. When you have more information, you are in a better position to pursue opportunities and grow relationships with potential customers.  The dynamics between buyers and sellers is changing, as buyers have more access to information today than ever before. In order to better understand the needs to buyers, there needs to be a better alignment between sales and marketing.


Get Better Insights: To pitch and sell better, you need to know your prospect well. This is where aligning marketing and sales can help. This can be anything from giving sales access to the activities of individual prospective buyers and how they are engaging with the brand, to more information about the hierarchy and activities of the companies you are selling to. Cut Across Boundaries: Organizational and informational silos need to be broken down, and make way for more collaboration and cooperation between departments. By sharing reports, proposal outcomes and meetings, you can design a practical selling system that is effective. Be 'Top Of Mind': You also need to ensure that your business and your solutions are always top-of-mind for your customers and prospects. This can be achieved by aligning with marketing and carrying out automated campaigns and other continual lead nurturing practices that provides valuable content and insights to your audience.


When you use Salesvue, you are not getting any CRM or sales productivity tool. What you gain is a system that brings synergy between all departments- management, marketing and sales. Salesvue makes it easy to record, share and access the data that is crucial to a sale. Salesvue lets you dig deep and identify the triggers that leads to better conversions and loss of sales. You can easily track meetings, proposals and outcomes and uncover where exactly your sales forecasts are coming from. Our automated follow-ups and customizable campiagns ensure that no lead slips through the cracks. Salesvue optimizes the human touch in the demand generation/lead qualification function. Salesvue cuts out the guesswork and focuses on the specific steps that generate business for you.