Analyze Sales Activities for Increased Success

Sales activities are at the foundation of identifying how to increase sales, and many businesses use tracking and sales tools to see how their reps are performing. Most traditional CRMs and dashboards only show you a very basic picture of what’s happening in your pipeline, like the total number of leads and calls vs. deals closed. This is fine if you merely want to check how many sales reps are closing deals with their prospects. But to really grow your business and uncover the secret to selling more,  you need to look beyond the outward-facing activities and analyze the actual sales activities, like calls and emails between prospects and sales reps. Here are a couple of activities that can help you identify what those reps might be doing doing wrong to lead to increased sales success.

Calls & Appointments

Take note of how much time your sales reps spend dialing. How many calls are made each day, and how many of those calls turn into appointments or in-person meetings? How many end in no follow-up, and how many reach a dead-end? If there are too many calls made with fewer leads moving forward, perhaps your sales rep needs to change the approach. Or maybe the lead is not ready and needs to be qualified better before it reached the sales rep. You can identify a good sales opportunity when when there is a flow of activity recorded after the lead is fed into the pipeline.

Conversations & Goals

After the first touchpoint and successive meeting, conversations need to happen regularly to nurture the lead and bring them to the final goal: a sale. By measuring the effectiveness of each conversation and follow-up, you can tell whether your sales reps are moving towards their goals or if the prospects are wasting their time. Sometimes, if a lead seems uncertain after nurturing, it may be best to put them on the back burner. By comparing conversations with goals, you also get an indication of whether your sales targets are too aggressive or too comfortable.

Conversations are the human touchpoint, and this is what helps seal or break deals. To understand the effectiveness of your sales activity, you need to understand what is going on in this area of the sales funnel. Salesvue helps you unlock this data and harness its power by providing sales business intelligence (SBI). Easy call logging and automated follow-ups ensure that every conversation is recorded and no lead remains untouched. Detailed reports with filtering options allow you to review objection patterns and success rates based on the parameters you need: by rep, time, or industry. To see Salesvue in action and learn how you can benefit, get a free demo.