Every sales cycle begins with identifying potential buyers and moving these prospects through a sales funnel. Too often, however, the strategy for reaching a targeted list of new potential buyers lacks the backing of any quantitative data. How to reach new prospects and move them towards an opportunity stage is often based on predictive analysis over empirical data. This leaves the crucial part of building a company’s pipeline to be based on nothing but estimated guesses and comparison industry averages. You can stop guessing how you will reach your revenue target! Answering the four questions below and using “The Math of Sales” formula will help you build a quantitative-based strategy to prospecting and building your pipeline.

  1. How many activities does it take to make a connection?
  2. How many activities you can accomplish in one day?
  3. How many sales reps do you have to accomplish the activities needed to connect to your prospects?
  4. What is the size of your target market or the list you are trying to reach?
With solid data on the the above four questions alone, a company can determine the time it will take to reach their market and build a successful revenue strategy. This information is invaluable, providing great insight into critical business strategy such as staffing and accurate forecasting. To learn how to use data from the four questions mentioned above and determine this information for your company, click here to check out the Math of Sales White Paper and read about “The Math of Sales” formula. Are you unsure of the data for these four questions as they relate to your company? You aren’t alone. For most companies, the data to answer these questions is missing. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Most companies have this data, it’s simply hidden and extremely hard to unearth from the depths of any CRM system in use today. Also, more often, companies are lacking the visibility needed to know how many activities their sales representatives manage on a daily basis for prospecting and how many activities it takes to connect with a new potential buyer. Salesvue is a native Salesforce application that uses the data in CRM software to unearth this critical data for you. Additionally, it provides a platform for your sales team to track their activities giving you insight into how your efforts are turning into dollars! To learn more, visit www.salesvue.com or download our Math of Sales white paper by filling out the form below: