Sales representatives are always told to maintain a good relationship with their customers, because it is much more profitable to sell to existing customers than to look for new ones. But sometimes sales reps fall out  of rapport with a good customer, this could happen due to number of reasons, from getting busy to getting lost in the search for new business. Here are a few tips on how you can get back in touch and breathe new life into old relationships.


Breathing New Life Into Old Customer Relationships So it has been a while, and you are nervous about making that call after many months of no communication. Do not be hesitant, just pick up the phone and make the call! Chances are, if they bought from you and were pleased with your product or service, they will be happy to hear from you. If you have done good work for them, you have no reason to be shy. You have already proven yourself, now it is time to see if you can get more business!


Just like any sales call, a call to an old client also needs to have a clear objective. Are you calling them to ask for referrals? Are you calling about a new product or service you have in your store? Do you need a testimonial from them? Or are you hoping to reconnect in the hopes of winning some fresh orders? Be sure to include this intent in the communication.


Clients often fall off the radar when they aren't making purchases very often. It is up to you to fix that approach and convert them repeat buyers. Dig into your system, look for clients who have purchased only once, and send them a friendly email or marketing message saying that you have not seen them in a while and that you would love to do more business with them. Share some information about new products, services or deals; or ask them if you could fix up a time to talk/reconnect with them. All of the above can help you to get back in touch with old clients or you could just use Salesvue. Salesvue is a prospecting automation and customer relationship management tool that makes keeping in touch and sending communications quick and easy. Salesvue's activities reports give management insight into which customers and leads have been touched and when, so you get an idea of how often your sales reps are talking to customers. Plus, our automated follow-ups ensure that no lead goes untouched and that no customer is left out in the cold for long, which means that you do not have to worry about losing track.