An ill-managed and ill-equipped sales team can be unproductive and a burden on your business. Think about it - your sales representatives are the ones who are out there trying to convert more prospects into customers and delivering profits. If you can succeed in building a great sales team, then half the battle is won! Here are 3 things to help you get started.


Building a great sales teamBuilding a team starts with recruiting the right people. Do not neglect this aspect of your operation. Provide detailed, well-defined job descriptions so that you hire the right kind of talent. Conduct a structured interview, and question the candidate thoroughly to see if they are competent and meet your requirements. It is also essential to give the candidate a clear picture about the position, help them understand your brand, and how you conduct business.


A general orientation and training may follow after a new sales representative is absorbed into the company, but as a sales leader or business owner, you need to coach your team members consistently and constantly. Monitor what your sales representatives are doing and provide them with immediate feedback - not only is it more effective, but it prevents them from making the same mistake again. You can identify each representative’s best qualities and designate responsibilities accordingly, boosting the entire team’s productivity. Mentoring also helps build relationships.


You need to stay on top of the game and measure how well each sales representative is performing. Set aside some clear performance indicators for yourself. Tell your sales representatives what is expected, when you expect it, and any guidelines they must follow. You also need to look at things from a profitability standpoint and see how much each sales person is bringing in and how much it is costing them to do it. Tracking the activity of your sales representatives becomes easier with Salesvue. Salesvue’s technology gives you valuable insights on call metrics, conversion rates and other data that helps identify your best sales reps. With Salesvue, you can both coach and manage your sales team to recreate success.