As a sales representative, you may be inundated with any number of leads at the top of the sales funnel. Only some of those leads actually measure up and a few turn into qualified prospects who convert to genuine customers. It's natural that some leads will move away from your product or choose not to do business with you- but what can you do to ensure that you get better quality leads in the first place? Qualified prospects make all the difference when it comes to closing quicker and making more effective use of your time. Here are a few tips on building a pipeline of more qualified prospects, without having to resort to cold-calling!


Mass mails do not have the same effect as a personalized message. You may be writing to a number of leads who fall into the same category, and have similar needs: but in addition to your email, incorporate one personalized strategy to reach out to them- from a phone call to snail mail or a personal visit or video conferencing. Your leads will also appreciate the fact that you have gone out of your way to connect with them on an individual level.


Social media is a great way to scout around for prospects who may be genuinely interested in your product or are ready to buy. Post useful content and information on your social networking sites, engage with readers and respond to their queries and concerns. Since they are coming to you directly, you have a chance to educate them about your business one-on-one.


Inbound marketing is the current favorite in the marketer's toolbox. Instead of spreading your message and advertising the benefits of your products through traditional campaigns, inbound marketing relies on the creation and publication of content related to your business which is then published online. When intelligent, relevant content with the right keywords is created, people searching for your product or service eventually find their way to your website, may leave a comment, browse around or even sign up for a newsletter subscription- which means you can create a relationship. The leads that fall into your lap via inbound marketing are genuinely interested in your product or service.


Once you land a qualified prospect, it is in your hands to keep them engaged, informed and to keep the conversation flowing. Neglecting prospects and their needs will lead to some of them slipping through the cracks and taking their business elsewhere. Prospect management becomes simpler with a tool like Salesvue. Salesvue has an easy to use one-click call screen, which allows you to record important calls, conversations and interactions. Then you can pick up where you left off and see where you stand in the pipeline. Salesvue's sale force automation software can cater to companies large and small.