Closing a sale is a big deal for any sales representative. However, sales teams need to understand that the sales process does not end there. Maintaining a lasting relationship with your customer and taking care of their needs post the sale is equally important. Not only will it keep their business, but it can also help you win new business in the form of referrals. Sometimes, sales reps can get caught up in chasing new leads and acquiring new business after a customer has been signed on. You cannot afford to desert your existing customers - they need to know that they can count on you and that you will be there to help if the need arises. You do not want to elicit buyer’s remorse! Here are a few ways to keep the momentum going after you have made the sale.


Closing the Sales is Not the EndYou know how Gmail and Facebook keep asking you to ‘manage your preferences’ and organize stuff the way you want- do the same for your customers. Ask them if there is a particular way they would like their account to be managed or their products to be dealt with. Give them what they want and communicate with them the way they prefer. If you have recorded your past interactions, you probably have an idea of how best they respond- perhaps they have a preferred medium of communication or a day of the week/time of day that works best for calls.


There is a chance that the implementation of your new product or service may run into some teething troubles- so it makes sense to set up a ‘service agenda’ for your customer for the weeks following the purchase. This could be phone calls, visits, tutorials- any form of contact from the period your service begins. This helps build trust and establish a stronger relationship.


Follow-ups are not just for the proposal and prospecting stages! Once you have made a plan, you need to follow it and ensure that your customer hears from you on a timely basis. Sometimes, your customer may also get busy, so it helps to send timely emails, reminders or make a phone call to let them know that you have them on your mind.You need to keep the relationship and the conversation going. Salesvue makes this process easy for you- connect with existing and past customers even while you are chasing new leads. By recording all your calls and interactions, Salesvue tells you what works best for the customer, so you can communicate accordingly. Salesvue’s automated campaigns and customizable follow ups ensure that no contact slips through the cracks, and help you identify which touch points to utilize to close a sale. You can recreate the exact steps that led you to success and keep your customers engaged and satisfied.