Sales representatives are given a number of leads to work with as they begin the process at the top of the funnel. But as they process the leads, that funnel gets narrower, until valuable, willing customers only come out at the base. Whether those leads come in via referrals, inbound marketing or whether they have been handed down from marketing, it is your job to convert as many as you can. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are trying to convert more leads into customers.


Like we said, not all leads are ready to buy yet. When you sense this, do not go in, all guns blazing, with a ready sales pitch or a hard sell. Understand what their problems are and how you could possible be of help to them in the future. Try to offer them value and build a relationship, so that you are on top of their minds. Send them content and information which they may find useful - this also helps demonstrate thought leadership and positions you as an expert in the field.


The key is to nurture your prospects with useful content and regular interactions so that when the time comes to buy, they can come to you first. Send them automated emails and messages and other useful content. As you interact with them, take the time to learn more about their business and situation so that the follow-up email can have greater impact.


As you interact with your prospect and carry out campaigns, make a note of what you are doing and how the prospect is responding. Identify what works, what does not, as well as what needs improvement. See what kind of communication works best for your prospect- email, phone call or a face-to-face meeting- and anything else that might influence a positive response. With Salesvue, keeping track of all your prospects, their preferences and where they stand in the pipeline becomes easier. Our one-click call screens allow you to log calls and the outcome of those calls within minutes. Plus, ourĀ conversation results report gives management insight into the daily practices of the sales team, making it easier to identify best practices and efficient sales reps. Salesvue makes it easy to identify patterns and the exact steps it takes to recreate success.