CRM is a word that is used in the sales and marketing world all too frequently. CRM stands for "customer relationship management" and it is a system that a business can implement to keep track of sales activity, as well as measure progress and profitability. CRMs give you information about what is happening in your sales funnel, including:

  • How many unique leads come in
  • How many qualified leads and prospects you have in the system
  • Contact information of your leads and prospects
  • Which sales representative is interacting with a lead/prospect/customer
  • How often leads are touched
What Your CRM Should Do For Your Sales TeamCRMs help the sales process because they capture data as it is happening. But the drawback is that several CRMs often offer up a jumble of numbers and metrics without giving users access to what is behind them. A dashboard can give you a snapshot of the general activity  of your sales team, but it may not be able to tell you how far your team is progressing and how effective and efficient they are.


We've spoken about CLV of customer lifetime value in earlier posts. This is what your CRM needs to do for you. It needs to move beyond giving quick 'activity snapshots' that help bring the prospecting relationship to a sale, and instead, help manage the future relationship with the prospect. You need to capture customer preferences and pain points, customize campaigns and automate your  follow ups so that your customers know you are thinking of them and their needs. You should also track interactions so that your next sales call or meeting can bring more value from where you left things.


CRMs need to help your sales team work faster, smarter and more effectively - it needs to provide them with the data and tools that help them close a deal. Salesvue doesn't just promise a snazzy dashboard with several metrics, numbers and names listed on a page. Salesvue helps you dig deeper and uncover the processes and interactions behind the prospecting activity. You can measure success rates based on campaign, time of day, day of the week or by sales rep. If you see that one of your reps does not seem to be closing soon enough, you can track each interaction to see what the outcomes of those sales calls were. Salesvue helps you understand what works and what doesn't, so you don't just manage relationships with prospects and customers, you generate sales.