Many businesses talk about sales and marketing alignment, which is, of course, important. However, another core part of sales enablement is customer alignment: the harmony between your company and customers that brings value and results. Being customer-centric is essential in today’s market, but are you approaching your customers correctly to ensure alignment?

Give Customers What They Need

Instead of focusing on past deals, anticipate what the customer needs next. Just because a customer wanted X before doesn’t mean that you can sell them the same thing next quarter to meet your targets; that might not be what they need anymore. Investigate their behavior on your website and across social channel. See if there is something new they require or are venturing into. Ask them if they need help with anything you can offer them. The most important thing is to not assume.

Don’t Sell, Solve The Problem

Customers are more informed than ever before; they don’t need you to tell them why your product is different. They need to understand how your solution helps them. Your sales team needs to move beyond features and functionality and demonstrate how your product can change the customer’s situation for the better. Often, the best way to catch their attention is to enlighten them about a problem they don’t know they have. Uncover the hidden challenges they may face in their business and show them how you can help avoid or overcome that. This helps maintain the relationship and build trust since the customer knows you have their best interests at heart.

The Sale is Only the Beginning

The first sale is only the beginning. Customer retention requires keeping your ear to the ground and being intuitive to their needs, likes and preferences. To build on that first sale, you need to innovate and bring more value to the table, which ties into solving the problem. Fill the gap between where you stand and where the customer needs to be. Aligning with the customer also requires you to gauge their likes and preferences and play to those. If they prefer in-person meetings, make sure you are present. If they don’t like using the phone, find another way to communicate. Keep track of what they appreciate, what campaigns work and what makes them tick, then leverage that to collaborate further and build a stronger relationship. Salesvue helps you capitalize on data by giving you detailed reports highlighting customer behavior and preferences. See which sales reps they respond to best, when they are more receptive to calls and the kind of messaging that makes an impact. Salesvue shows you how your sales reps and customers are interacting every step of the way so you can refine your message and methods to suit the customer. Customer alignment is what helps seal the deal, and we can provide you with the information you need to do just that. Contact us today for more information.