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Salesvue’s sales engagement platform helps your sales and marketing teams do more.

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Do more of the right stuff together.

Salesvue’s workflow automation ensures sales and marketing teams take your prospects on the fastest path to purchase and renewal.

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Scale the best practices you’ve identified with configurable workflows throughout the entire sales cycle based on the needs of your prospects and customers.

Define any activity or series of activities you want your team members to follow.

Automatically trigger other activities or actions based on the outcomes of your defined activities.

Increase your entire team’s performance.

Keep leads in the funnel so you are always prepared when a prospect is ready for a conversation with sales. Nurture long-term prospects by automatically keeping track and re-delivering them to your sales team at the right time.


Don’t miss another follow-up. When a prospect’s request breaks the scheduled cadence, Salesvue’s dynamic sequences pause the prospect and allow you to set immediate reminders so your rep will follow up at the right time.



Systematic outbound prospecting enables reps to make more touches faster and more efficiently. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. It sounds simple, but not every rep takes a disciplined approach to prospecting. Salesvue allows you to configure and systematize your email and call campaigns to get more conversations that lead to conversions.


Initial sales meetings are the lifeblood of any sales organization. Salesvue Appointments give companies a simple means to capture and report on all meetings and their outcomes, positive or negative. Customer-defined, stage-specific results will serve as a leading indicator of your sales forecast and pipeline. Obtain meaningful outcomes that drive next steps and move leads through the pipeline.


Account-based selling allows your reps to manage multiple conversations for one account in one place. Stop flipping between screens and turn precious minutes into more conversations.

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Provide better service with our robust telephony suite.

With a range of services in the suite, you will be sure you are saving time dialing and maintaining control you need to be sure your customers are getting the attention they deserve.

Telephony Swirl
  • Click-To-Call.

    With one click, call contacts directly from your Salesvue tasks without leaving the screen.

  • Call Tracking.

    Calls made are logged and timestamped to show call duration.

  • Call Recording.

    Record calls for compliance, training and to recall previous conversations for clarity.

  • Listen & Barge.

    Listen in and barge into calls in progress for training purposes and to help reps communicate messages clearly.

  • Live Agent Power Dialer.

    Let others do the calling for you and hand off the call if the contact is reached.

  • Local & Global Presence.

    Phone numbers show local numbers when calling locally and internationally.

  • Supports Dialer Services.

    Works with your existing dialer services like Ring Central, Five9, Genesys, Twilio, and more.

  • Recorded Voicemail Drop.

    Record voicemail templates for consistent messages and save time by leaving voicemails with a click.

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