If you’re prospecting efforts aren’t consistently resulting in a fuller pipeline, it may be time to review your prospecting strategy. A new strategy could mean digging deeper into the market, tapping into newer audiences or looking for unconventional ways to sell your brand or product. But, what if a new strategy simply meant making a few minor adjustments to your current approach? Here are 3 prospecting strategies you shouldn't ignore.

Narrow The Scope

We don't mean you try less; instead, narrow down your focus to target specific groups of prospects. Is there a certain type of customer you could focus on prospecting? Or, could your focus be only on the buyers or decision makers within a company? Conversely, could you focus on creating a niche and selling one of your products or services instead of the entire suite? You may find that more consumers have a need for just one product/service and they may evolve into larger customers over time. The benefit of narrowing your focus can mean a refined message and an approach in which you can truly understand the customer you are contacting. By narrowing focus, you can better understand how to engage in conversation regarding the prospect’s needs and how you can help solve those needs.

Do More Than "Touch Base"

Calling a prospect and telling him/her that you are "checking in" or "touching base" isn't the best way to convince them to buy. It also doesn't create the sense of urgency they need to buy. Overhaul your follow-up approach and you will see a difference in the way your prospect reacts.

  • Re-emphasize the value you are offering: It's about them, not you. Tell them why and how your offer is going to help them. Take something they mentioned as a starting point to emphasize the value of your product/service. For example, if they told you that the company is considering downsizing, explain how your product helps reduce overhead costs.
  • Share insights and educate: Your prospects come to the table fairly well-informed, so keep that momentum going and show them that you are an expert in what you are offering. This helps build trust as well. Share an interesting article, white paper or statistic you've read (related to their business) and work that in to your conversation.  Show them that you have their business on you mind.  That way, when they come to you with concerns about taking the deal forward, you can back it up with your research. Aid their decision making process and be a voice of authority and reason, not a pest who the prospect will hang up on.

Treat Them Like A Customer

They may not be one now, but if you talk to your prospects like they already are a customer, you will automatically communicate better. Don't you always sound more upbeat and relaxed talking to an existing customer you've worked with for years? Bring that same tone and confidence to your prospect interactions and you will find that there's less tension and friction. You will speak from your heart, and there's bound to be less fumbling and mumbling.

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