3 Rules for Effective Prospecting

There has been plenty written about prospecting- how to find the right prospects, how to judge when they are ready to buy, how to interact with them and so on. But once you do find your prospects, how can you work efficiently and quickly to make sure you get the most out of it? Here are 3 rules to follow for effective prospecting.


This sounds simplistic, but it is true- you need to have a plan of action and a system to keep track of it. More often than not, sales reps put off the process of prospecting because of the baggage attached to it. If you have a system in place that makes it easier, your sales reps will be consistent in their prospecting activities and you can track their progress.


Remember, your time is valuable, so you need to invest it the right way. That means spending more time and effort on prospects who are likely to convert and less on those who may need more time to reach a decision. Segment your prospects so that you can reach out to them and the right way and with the right approach. Make a list of broad prospects or people who fit the bill, and keep them in your prospect list for marketing activities in the event that they do show some genuine interest. Then sift through the remaining prospects to create a sure-shot ‘tight’ list: the ones who you think are likely to convert. Spend more time with them and target this segment with phone calls, meetings, proposals and more information. This kind of segmentation helps you get your work done better and allows you to bring the right level of focus to those who require it.


Another important aspect of prospecting- get them while they are hot! ┬áIf leads land up on your website and express interest by leaving their contact information with you, get in touch with them within 24 hours. When you respond quickly you will be on top of their mind. If you have made a call to a prospect, or have sent them a proposal, follow up soon after so you know what needs to be done next. Follow up becomes easier when you use a system like Salesvue. Salesvue’s call logging tool allows you to record in detail every interaction you have with your prospects, so you know where everyone stands. Plus, automated follow-ups and customizable campaigns make it easy for you to spot which touch points to utilize.