Elements of a Great Sales Dashboard

If you work in sales, you have probably encountered a sales dashboard. A sales dashboard gives you a glimpse at some key performance indicators and other information that is relevant to the sales process. Dashboards help because they present a large amount of information in a relatively simple manner. An overwhelming amount of information is entered into the sales system every day – and to make sense of it, your dashboard should present that data coherently. Here is what to keep in mind when looking for an effective sales dashboard:


Effective Sales Dashboard AutomationThe most important aspect of a dashboard is the data that goes into it. You need to have access to real-time information so you are able to see the state of your pipeline at every moment. Are some representatives close to closing a deal? Does it look like your forecasts won’t be met? There is also the question of relevance- data that actually proves useful and helps you understand where to improve. A good dashboard not only provides you with relevant information, but also lets you refine and dig deeper to uncover more and identify trends and patterns.


Your dashboard should be clutter free and easy to read. Data should be grouped logically and systematically. Grouping also helps keep the screen clutter free and makes information easier to find. Data can be grouped based on product, prospect, recency, campaign and so on. Use the space on your screen wisely so that it makes reading easier.


Salesvue is a sales reporting platform that helps managers, sales representatives and marketers keep track of sales interactions and processes. With Salesvue, each activity has it’s own separate dashboard- which means you can directly go to the task you wish to review. Sort through data based on total activities, daily activity, pending activities, overdue team activity and recently created activity. Once you access the dashboard of your choice, you can refine search results further, based on campaign, sales representative or specialized search. Here is a quick snapshot of the Salesvue advantage.