At Salesvue, we’ve distilled millions of sales interactions into a series of ratios to enable a formulaic approach to sales execution. Our Math of Sales formula allows marketing and sales leaders to better understand the following:

  • Health of their team’s sales and marketing execution
  • Areas of team members weakness and strengths
  • Actionable steps to understand outliers
  • Predictability and probability to achieve revenue goals


Math Of Sales

With our patented algorithms, we automatically track, manage and correlate every activity and outcome at every stage of your sales cycle. This allows you to view reports that easily show what actions and activities are translating into conversations and conversions.

Easy to Read

Our analytics and reporting dashboard make reading and interpreting your data much faster and clearer.

Ability to Use Salesforce Report Dashboards

You have the option to continue to use and view Salesforce’s default reports and dashboard.

Actionable Data

Our reports give you data in real time that will allow you to make decisive data-based decisions about processes, personnel, accounts, and more.

Data Integrity

Unlike many solutions found on the AppExchange, our native app architecture ensures that your valuable data is secure and never leaves your Salesforce instance. We eliminate the expensive and cumbersome API calls and syncs.

Email Analytics

See what emails are effective, when they are being opened, best send times, open rates & more…

Filter By Custom Data Points

Filter your reports by custom fields or data points that are important to you that you cannot get in Salesforce.

Real Time Activity Tracking

Filter your reports by specific activities to see which ones have been completed or logged. Know what your reps are doing and when.

  • Easy Implementation, Fantastic Partner

    We implemented SV for access to insights and analytics as well as making sure that the reps were following the steps we provided so that nothing was falling through the cracks. It is so user friendly that the sales reps picked it up very easily and preferred it to the previous way of using campaigns. The implementation was easy and the support from SV has been unmatched.

    Alana Galardo
  • Salesvue is my hero

    “Salesvue has played a huge rule in the maturity of our sales org. Like many small companies, sales was a bit of the wild west with every rep doing something different. With the help of Salesvue and their team we were able to identify best practices for how our reps should be engaging our customers. From there they helped us take this best practices and turn them into standardized process for our reps to work and management could measure the effectiveness of. We chose Salesvue for its flexibility to continue to test and tweak process as new best practices are discovered. Salesvue has also been a great partner in listening to our needs and adjusting their product road map when possible to help us meet our goals. If you are trying to bring stability to your Sales processes, I highly recommend this tool and company.”

    Alex Chiapetta
  • Management of Strategy with Increase in Volume

    “Salesvue has allowed my teams to align their calls with our marketing strategy and messaging more effectively, and be more flexible in shifts in message. Actual opportunities and volume of conversations has increased with the improved processing of data. When installed the math of sales component has been awesome for learning where we can be most successful for our unique model. Great for management and teams to make their work most efficient, effective and open.
    Excellent customer service, and willingness to make the product work for our organization.”

    Elizabeth Murawski


Our Math of Sales™ formula enables you to break down complicated data into simple, actionable reports. The beauty and the difference of Salesvue’s reporting is that you can compare and correlate data from different departments. You can truly see how activities and actions by one department are effecting others and ultimately how it effects your bottom line.

Math of Sales reports also help you identify areas of improvement in your organization that you may not know existed.


Customize your reports to show results based on any data points you need.


Math of Sales™ reports take the analysis aspect out of reports to show you correlations.


Math of Sales™ empowers you to identify areas of your organization that need improvement.


Communicate and share relevant data more effectively with your team!

If you don’t know your Math of Sales