A Salesvue Plan allows you to define activities (calls, emails, social touches, etc.) you want to automate in a sequence you expect to be followed by your team members. Based on the outcomes of those activities, you can automatically trigger other activities or actions to take place.

You can build multiple Plans for Marketing, Sales, On Boarding and Account Management teams and tailor them to the unique requirements of each group or scenario. Make sure your communication and customers don’t fall through the cracks!


Support Cadences on Leads, Contacts, Accounts & Opportunites.

Create plans that apply to customers through the entire sales cycle depending on status and roles of contacts.

Ability To Deploy Account Based Selling

Salesvue Plans allow you to create tasks and follow-ups from account levels and access contacts within an account at a glance.

Customize Plans Based on Company Terminology

Create plans based on your company terminology. Fields are customizable and are no longer limited to Salesforce terms.

Support Call, Email & Other Tasks

Plans allow any workflow functionality to be automated to help your team members be more effective and efficient.

Support Scheduled Date Tasks

Schedule specific follow ups and pause plan based on prospect availability.

Plan Analytics

Identify what Plans are performing well and determine best practices with easy to read reports.

Support Range of complex workflows using existing SF customization

Create customized plans that fit your sales cycle and communication strategy without complex configuration.

Automatic Task Routing & Assigment

Automate based on values in salesforce (e.g. tasks coming from marketo based on status, lead score, etc)

Support Non-Linear Cadences

People don’t follow a straight line. Why should the way you communicate? Our plans allow for dynamic sequences.

Supports Plans for Marketing, Sales, Onboarding, Account Management & Other Departments

Ensure everybody in your organization is on the same page from lead, to close, to renewal. Salesvue Plans have flexibility to be used to connect every department, not just sales.

Marketing Automation Ready

Salesvue enhances and amplifies your marketing automation software to get your leads and prospects getting touched at the right time, every time.

Workflow Automation Plans


Because of the flexibility built into the Salesvue Plan structure, you can automate any activity or series of activities you feel would benefit from standardization and automation.

To deliver additional value and flexibility to accommodate each team’s needs, our Plans also provide you with the ability to set expected Outcomes from each activity type so logging results of activities can be done quickly and consistently. Finally, our Plans can also automatically perform a variety of additional tasks, such as updating fields and initiating other tasks, to help streamline and automate the entire work flow.

  • Invaluable Insight

    “Salesvue is like a prospecting engine for Salesforce that’s allowed us to quickly implement, test and adjust call and email cadences for our business development team. It’s also flexible enough that we’ve been able to standardize and automate our new customer onboarding process for our account management team. The analytics have provided invaluable insight into all of our sales processes, which has allowed us to adjust and improve far more quickly and efficiently than we would have in the past.”

    Skip Lyford
  • Salesvue is my hero

    “Sales has never been easier. The automation and organization offered by Salesvue has been an invaluable tool in my field. The amount of time and energy that I am afforded by Salesvue has allowed my to be more productive and their support team has been top notch. They are swift to respond to any issues or questions I have and I cannot begin to fathom working without Salevue!”

    Julio Miramontes
  • Great tool for client experience team!

    “Our rookie and veteran team members alike love Salesvue. It automates the contact flow while also allowing them freedom and empowerment to make touch-points and track progress as needed. The ability to segment your client base also allows for more flexibility and a more custom approach to how we manage relationships and see to customer success. Reps love the ease of use, and our leadership team loves the consistency that this tool brings to our client experience efforts. Salesvue is awesome to work with and provides great one-to-one service and focus based on your business needs.”

    Sasha Williams


Communicate seamlessly between team members from marketing to sales, account managers, support & beyond!


Customize the plan depending on the user role, objective, task, activity, outcomes and desired results.


Our plans allow you to get vital data to see whether or not your current sequences are effective!