Salesvue’s email features allow you to accelerate the effectiveness and efficiency of your emails. Save time by automating tasks and create templates to ensure that your messaging is consistent.

Email Features

Send In Bulk

No limits per day. Prevents emails being throttled and increases delivery rates.


Send rich media emails with pictures, videos, links and more to get your customers engaged.

Gmail & Outlook Integration

Send emails the way that you want it. 

Email Prioritization

Prioritize Salesvue task based on a Salesvue email score or other Salesforce fields.


Know in real time whether or not emails were delivered and when they are opened. Know who is reading what you’re sending.


Create email templates for certain communication touches to save time when emailing customers.

Real Time Notifications

Real time notifications when emails are opened and links being clicked.

Customizeable Signature

Customize user signature block.

A/B Testing

See which emails are driving conversions for your organization.

Supports Mail Merge

Insert customer data automatically when sending emails. No longer take time to manually input names or their specific info.

  • Salesvue-Great support

    “We’ve had great support from Salesvue with on-boarding, training, and general questions which come up from time to time. They are very responsive and provide clear instructions and troubleshooting when needed.”

    Mary Ann Sturgis
  • Analytic machine!

    “Salevue has been great to streamline and organize our sales process. It does take some time to customize and find what features are going to work best for your team. That being said, the Salesvue team is there with you all the way! They’re knowledgeable, prompt and professional. What more could you want? Salevue has kept our salespeople focused and on track while they’re prospecting to help us close more deals, in less time.”

    Austin Barchett
  • Easy to Use and Great Customer Service

    “I have used Salesforce in a previous role and initially thought the transition to Salesvue would be difficult, however I was wrong! Nicole and her support team have always been really helpful and are always available if the team has an questions. The platform is easy to navigate and keeps me organized and my sales process streamlined.”

    Sara Dinan
  • 2 thumbs up

    “Salesvue is a quick to learn experience, that many people who were in different industries can adapt to easily. It’s user friendly with a easy to follow layout. Everything is pretty self-explanatory, with easy to update advantage for administrators.”

    Prince Morrison

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