Our console is a purpose-built interface, which consolidates all of the information your team needs to make Salesforce a better tool for any team member.

Our interface presents data in one organized dashboard that enables your team members to execute their activities up to six times faster with 100% accuracy.

salesvue Salesforce workflow automation application screen example


Analytics Dashboard

In real-time, from a single screen, see your data in easy to read and interpret reports on your dashboard.

Task Resolution

Customizable outcomes to accommodate different business needs. Free form notes are a thing of the past.

Reduce Clicks To Record Activities

Reduce the number of clicks it takes to log activities and perform tasks.

Task List

An organized list of tasks to execute. The list can be sorted and ordered using virtually any field in Salesforce.

Dialer (optional)

A full functioning automated dialer for clients looking to further optimize their outreach efforts.

Task Descriptions

Every activity can have unique content assigned to it. The content can be scripts or hyperlinks to dynamic content.

Everything In One Place

See everything you need on one screen.

Works With All Versions of Salesforce

Salesvue works with all versions of Salesforce including Lightning, Classic, Enterprise, Business and more!

  • Salesvue is my new task calendar

    “Salesvue is easy to use and allows me to stay on top of inbound leads, form submissions, and prospecting campaigns. Everything is where it needs to be in an organized fashion, easy to record what took place and removes all the busy admin work I used to have to do. I log in everyday with my tasks ready to go and leave each day feeling accomplished. Reports are quick and easy to see what I have accomplished and what I have in the coming days.”

    Neera Dayal
  • Salesvue Rocks!

    “I love how my days activities are already laid out. Follow up reminders on the same page too makes it easier to remember to get back with someone. Just an overall wonderful application for increasing productivity.”

    Chris Delacruz
  • Salesvue Review

    “Salesvue has been a great tool that helps me manage my time throughout the day. I have worked with Salesforce before and now Salesvue has made it 10 times easier. It helps me realize which tasks are most important and which ones I need to focus on.”

    Chris Howard
  • 2 thumbs up

    “Salesvue is a quick to learn experience, that many people who were in different industries can adapt to easily. It’s user friendly with a easy to follow layout. Everything is pretty self-explanatory, with easy to update advantage for administrators.”

    Prince Morrison

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