In today’s sales world, data is critical to win and retain customers. Most businesses conduct extensive market research prior to launching a product or service, and, with each prospect interaction, gain more insight into the mind of the buyer. Here is how you can gather and use customer data to generate more sales.


You need a space where you can gather, store and access all the information regarding a sale. That means the contact details of your customer, call logs, materials sent, and all other communications which lead up to the sale.


All customers like a personalized experience; the feeling that they are getting tailor-made and exclusive interaction. Use the data you gather to make your connections- even if it’s a small, simple phone call- a personalized one. If someone has not bought from you in a while, give him or her a call.


The key to closing more sales and deals is to keep constant vigil on what is happening in your pipeline. Which prospect needs a gentle nudge to get the sale through the door? Which one of your representatives has not been following up at regular intervals? Which loyal customers do you need to re-connect with? A good CRM software or data management system helps keep track of all interactions between the prospects you are chasing, converted customers and your sales representatives. You should be able to tell, from a glance, the progress of your deals. You should be able to understand where your customers are and what kind of marketing communications works for them. Gaining valuable insights about your customers and managing data just got easier with Salesvue. Salesvue can be used as a standalone platform, or can be integrated with other popular software suites enabling the best possible prospecting solutions. Salesvue’s reporting capabilities give you data that you can really use. You gain visibility into customer preferences, as well as success rates by rep, industry, time of day and week- all of which facilitate a quicker close. Schedule a demo today to learn more!