Over the last decade, many organizations have felt a shift in their selling approach. While in the past, more face-time equated with a better chance at closing a deal; today, more and more companies rely on inside sales to drive revenue. With today's customers on the move and preferring to communicate through technology, inside sales organizations cater well to this modern, tech savvy (and busy) customer. As inside sales becomes more and more important, here are a few ways to streamline the efforts of your inside sales organization:

Work Closely with Marketing

The key to inside sales success is keeping your pipeline filled with fresh, relevant leads. The great thing about the web today is that businesses and prospective customers can learn a lot about each other just from website interactions. Prospects who fill out contact forms are readily sharing their personal information so you can learn about the organization they are working in. By implementing website visitor tracking solutions, you can uncover data such as geographic location, search terms used to discover your site and which pages they have been browsing. Work with your marketing organization to set up tracking and capture important information from those interested in your product or service to improve your follow-up!

Hold Quality Conversations

It's not just the quantity but the quality of conversations that counts. Prospects need to be approached at the right time with the right kind of information based on how engaged they are and how ready they are. Some prospects may not be looking to buy just then, so you need to modify the message to keep them interested enough to come back. Customizing campaigns, following up regularly and noting the outcome of each call is what keeps the conversation valuable. Remember that inside sales thrives on conversation, so you need to keep it relevant. And the middle of the funnel is where the conversations are happening. If those conversations are handled the right way, you will have more prospects moving to a close.

Create Consistency

As we have mentioned before, the quality of the conversation is very, very important in inside sales. The true value proposition of your brand/product needs to be well communicated to the prospect. But, consistent follow-up is also just as important. Every prospect should be on a follow-up schedule and this schedule should be visible to all. It often takes numerous touches before a prospect shows interest. Ensure that you are not losing out on opportunities by ‘forgetting’ about a prospect. Tracking this information also leaves opportunities for improving messaging and call tactics to improve results over time. How does your sales organization manage their calls and follow ups? And how do you monitor progress? If you're stuck with a solution that's not telling you what you need to know or requires too much administrative work, try Salesvue. Salesvue integrates convenience with analytics, making call logging and scheduling easy for the sales rep with one-click call logging and automated follow ups. It also makes tracking and reviewing easy for the manager by providing detailed reports with real-time data and multiple filtering options. To learn how Salesvue can optimize your prospect to pipeline investment and help your team make 50% more calls, schedule a demo with us today.